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  • leb-wi-noss
    Here is summary from an X-FPMer about your general. Read it, maybe you will wake up.
    لماذا أصبح معيبًا ان تكون عونيًا؟
    Did you wake up?
    Iron Maiden
    DUUUUDE great AVATAR avatar!!! :biggrin:
    I respect u, I want best for lebanon. let it be gmw or geagea just anybody..but i want best for lebanon
    i am independant in my views..and change from time to time..
    i am hating the fact, syria is having upper hand in everything here in lebanon.
    Dear Philippe,

    I recently filled the volunteer application online, but no one has contacted me ever since? i wonder why? furthermore, i have been trying to call you all afdternoon on the phone number you gave me 03677780, but no one is answering.

    I am offering my services and my time to help the electoral machine of Beirut I with everything i can, but you guys seem not that in need!!!!

    please do contact me on 03367194 if you need my services, I am more than willing and enthusiastic to help you guys..sarle 3 iyyem berkod w btalfin w online, w ma7ada bado yred, this is not a winning attitude.

    forgive my bad temper today, it is just because im frustrated about the central electoral machine's non chalence. me and others are eager to work for the victory :):)

    take care
    most of my avatars are from The Lebanese Patriots Website - Where freedom has no limits...
    if you're talking about the patriarch and co it is from there also
    i forgot when i changed my avatar
    vcoderz and lfpm .org have got some too
    Bala Habal
    I LOVE your avatar. Where can I find a larger version of the picture?
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