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  • There are many accounts and I was watching a documentary about it just 2 days ago, but I forgot about it...But you can read history about countries like Bhutan, Laos, Sri Lanka, Vietnam,Myanmar,Tibet...Take this small link for example :WHY DO BUDDHISTS PERSECUTE OTHER FAITHS IN THE EAST? - Yahoo! Answers
    Hmmm Clearly you haven't heard of snakes on a plane (a movie for Samuel Jackson)... I saw your avatar and it reminded me of it that's all ! I still didn't watch the movie :( But if it's anything like the book than it should be a shocker hehe...
    Ideally, social economies create some sort of equilibrium in society (elimination of class) that prevents exploitation. I cannot tell you the practical outcome of this because there haven't been a genuine application of a social economy in the world.

    Free market economy opens room towards a monopoly created by corporations, resulting in exploitation.

    When it comes down to it, neither system is 100% foul-proof, therefore a mix is much desirable.
    I'm not sure what ideas you're thinking of in specific, but the problems of social class that flourishes under Capitalism are a reality. I'm not a hardcore Marxist myself, therefore I do not subscribe to every bit of the Marxist economic theory. I am definitely against the American model of capitalism, which can be summed up as "maximize profit at all cost," increasing the wealth of corporations and expanding their power, and shoving that big red and blue ____ up the little guy's butt :p.
    Haha. So does most of the world, but generally Marxism is misrepresented, and the Marxist Manifesto does have some good input towards a better social order, at least in my opinion :).

    It should be well noted that the Manifesto of Communist Russia was NOT applied correctly by Stalin. He practically applied a Russian version of decentralized economics that benefited the state and impoverished the local populations that were under Soviet rule.

    Anyhow, why do you hate him? :)
    Indeed it is, I usually have it and similar tunes in the background on a relaxing Sunday night.
    Are you into this type of music? (Song is in Hebrew)

    YouTube - ‪Subliminal - International‬‏
    I have Volver by Almodovar at home. Indie movies are the best. And if I could, I would be on a plane to Lebanon yesterday!
    My rule with movies is to always watch them in the original language with subtitles...it's so much better than the weird voice overs.

    Too bad we live in different countries...we could have a Gael Garcia Bernal movie night or something :p
    Motorcycle Diaries :) But have yet to see many of them. I also like that he doesn’t shy away from politics. And he’s very talented and good looking :p
    I hope you don't find it normal to arrest or prosecute someone who is not convinced by the official Hasbara version about the holocaust.

    Anyway, it's was not in my intention to discuss the matter, that I find boring anyway, but I really think that anyone interested should not miss the opportunity to read what's in this website, and take a closer look at the amount of information gathered and compiled in it, from many sources.
    I would not be surprised if he went as far as to criticize HA and defend Hariri on one or two issues.

    But I'm pretty sure he did not "praise" Lebanon's destruction or anything of the sort.

    The man is very pragmatic. He rarely sees only the bad in people or political groups. In fact, he has a tendency to give credible counter-arguments to popular US-views (basically US-views are pro-Israeli, anti-Palestinian, and he is capable of giving irrefutable arguments against these views).

    The way his supposed article was described makes me skeptical. Might it be that you mistook Thomas L. Friedman with another journalist with the same or a similar name? Because there are many journalists with the Surname "Friedman" or "Freedman"!

    The man lived in West Beirut and is very knowledgeable. If he was able to "defend", "understand" or "explain" the bombings against the US targets in the 80s, I'm pretty sure he isn't capable of "praising" Lebanon's destruction...
    That's right! From Beirut to Jerusalem!

    I really think it is a really great book. Even though he might be biased on many issues he describes, I think he gives a pretty original perspective of the conflicts. It's also quite different from the standard pro-Israeli, pro-Palestinian or pro-Kataeb historians.

    Some historians easily fall into the cliché of reporting... I don't think it is Friedman's case...

    Napoleon the first, was one of the most bloody crazy wacko dictators the whole world have ever seen, yet this doesn't prevent me to appreciate the French civil code written under his bloody regime, or some of the great revolutionary achievements done in his era.

    My thread is about the Soviet era's arts and music and achievements...not about communism. It is not about "adoration of soviet crimes", but about appreciation of some aspect of the soviet culture under the communist regime.

    The regime's atrocities are the fruit of few criminals in power, while the culture and achievements are the fruit of a whole historic nation, in all its working forces and thinking brains.

    I hope that you can appreciate the difference, and give that great nation, the credit it deserves.
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