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  • Wow! I would be more than happy to get one! Just tell me when you're free and I will meet you wherever you want.
    LOL... I am not used to you praising... I couldn't take it as a compliment since in the rare occasions that you do praise, you praise the stupid LOL
    Obama is just like Aoun... mish daffi3... he wants you to work for him benevolently w mish zabta el-2ossa. I am switching to the Hariri side :)

    By the way, you don't need me to be a minister to benefit. I am already taking care of you. I spoke with both my friends the minister of environment and the minister of culture and they both agreed to help me in giving your land the dual designation of a natural reserve and historic site... and you say I never do anything for you :)
    I like to fight my battles on my own turf... but hey since you present no real challenge, I will have this one on yours :)

    Future minister? b3id el-shabah! Can you see me taking orders from Saad? Ana GMA w 3a shwey btayyizlo... bass b7ibbo ma fini :)

    Why do you keep insisting on demoting me from a free man to an enslaved minister?
    Shadow...It is with deep sadness that I inform you that after taking care of the planted seeds for a little more than 2 consecutive seasons, I lost hope for not a single one made it.

    But if you happen to pass by Lebanon sometimes with another batch, I will be thrilled to try once again.

    And put back that picture please, for it is fresh and beautiful and really makes my profile looks better.
    Keep posting you daily events dramas and observations ya Shadow. Everyone uses the forum for politics and religion while only few post fun and funny to read stuff. Btw, have you read N Hawthorne's Rappaccini's Daughter? If not, do read it ud love it. It's my favourite story, so I tell everyone to read it lol
    I have special connections :msnsmile: At least, this is what I like to believe.
    As for the truth, well I just contacted the Admins to inquire about the procedure and they were so nice they registered me as ORS even before getting their fees. I paid today. Anyhow, for me, I only did it for the contribution to the forum rather than for the services or benefits I can reap out of it.
    Btw, I hope you were sincere when you talked about inner beauty for I gave you a Thanks and I do not wish to regret it.
    Hahaha...No I don't know everything, lol, but I try to learn from the best. As for my number of posts, lol, it might speak more about what I ignore than about what I might know. But don't tell for it is always nice for someone to feel himself better than he actually believes he is.
    No need to apologize Shad...I know the story and I liked the comment. I found it pertinent and funny...
    Thank you shadow. I actually don't know what kind of style it is...I know I just try not to adopt a too legalistic one or some kind of a bad "think in french and translate it into english" style.

    Oh and by the way, it's really a pleasure to read you again in the forum !
    Ofcourse it is ;-) one of my all time favourites, I guess my sarcasm didnt make it through the keyboard lol
    Gracias senor! I don’t think I’ll be posting anytime soon though…
    I’ve already left the conversation. I wasn’t really expecting to keep up with the frenetic pace of modern-day rebels in the first place. :) Everyone’s going through rough economic times these days. Ailing or disabled beggars get all my sympathy, but nagging free riders really tick me off.

    There’s no actual refurbishment as I’m still working the same job... But to be fully honest with you, I’ve never felt more tempted by the idea of picking up my guitar and roaming the world. So I join you in your wish to see me more outlandish and whimsical...

    Now back to reality. I’m sure you have a modern American poetry book to recommend!
    Eh apparently ekherte bel deir, mesh ghalat :)
    Btw, i tried to fix the font, ma zabatit, absar leh.

    How have u been??
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