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  • Yes, true.
    However, at 3:30am this should be looked at as a minor mistake knowing that 99% of my faculties were already shut down by then. Can't you be indulgent for once?
    ma fi gheir e-mailetad mish 3am yousalo ya fannass :p anyway i was worried bass seems everything is ok, that's the most important thing....shou coming to leb this summer?
    Yeah, but when i wanted to reply i discovered that the thread was gone. Any way you could resend me your post?
    It is weird, I must admit. It’s one of the two; either l 2loub 3ind ba3da as we say or it is a pure coincidence. For me, any other explanation you might attribute to this phenomenon would only betray our smallness as human beings versus God’s powers and our worthlessness in bringing scientific answers to such happenings. Do not worry however, for we are just another piece of the puzzle anyway:

    What deserves more to be highlighted though in your story is how remarkably the old friendships function with time; it only takes you few seconds to catch up with good old friends. I myself reconnected couple of years ago with some old friends of mine, friends that I have not seen in fifteen years; the reunion was so smooth and enjoyable it made me ponder over it. It was as if I have last seen them only two days ago. It’s just beautiful.
    Yes, two bad Fridays in a row.. Too bad you had to cancel. I hope though you will be able to make it some time later, although Lebanon is nicer and calmer in May-June than it is in July-August.
    Just wanted to see if the grass was really "greener" on the other side :msnwink:

    I'm fine, thank you. Enduring some hectic days lately, you can ask Shev lol. Oh no wait, he doesn't know that other side of me haha.

    How have you been? (with an emphasis on the you :msnsmile:)
    1- You can say it was a sort of quarrel hidden behind a joke-like-tone (in which we're all involved...)
    2- Thankyou for ur honesty :biggrin: 3an jad i love how you never hesitate to bash anything u don't like!! mwahs for that :biggrin: (3alamo!!) (but i'm still not remiving the lips! mabsouta fiyoun :blushing:)

    Wish I still gave a hoot about politics just to torture you with my posts.

    I'm pretty sure it won't be as theatrical as Joseph Lubnan's retirement (which by the way seems to have spurred an even more fervent posting frenzy by the geezer), but mine surely is a candid and permanent one.

    Seems like you got dragged back in by the barbaric non-event - I'm wondering if it’s not my turn to put on some unadorned black clothing ;)

    Oh, and don't forget to bask in the encomium of your wisdom: . I’m pretty sure mods are unhappy with the bad influence you’re exerting on other forumers :smile:
    I don't know, no matter the circumstance i don't i would ever be capable to bring down such hurt on a person. No matter how much pain he causes. What they did, it wasn't out of pure retribution, they took pleasure in slowly killing and displaying their gore all out in the open. There is something in that that does not correspond with the initial murder but a fanatical desire to show that no one can mess with them. They weren't avenging the 4 people who were killed, but their image.

    Plus, i wonder, you speak of pain and anguish and zolom. I understand that, i also understand that the family members of those 4 people who were killed should feel the zolom. Not the entirety of the people of the town. You and i agree that they wouldn't feel the same amount of zolm, so what brought them to torture and maim that man the way they did?
    at least you did come back. many others are still missing and no where to be found.
    I had the insistent urge to dispel what my constrained and infuriated view into the matter recognized as hatemongering and blatant.......i just don't know anymore. Its an uphill battle, no matter who wrong this seems to me, there is a single notion, recurring in my head, tapping me in the shoulder, every time my warrior fingers type away, taping me, reminding me that this is human nature. This is what becomes of us when gather into hordes. I just couldn't bring myself to be convinced of it. I still don't want to be convinced of that. Blood curdled down the street of that town tonight, another vagabond of humanity lays wasted and deformed, saturated with revenge, the murderers go home, to recite magical verses. Verses that need to be chanted so these non-psychopaths can go about their days and remain shielded from self-condemnation.

    I will do as you advise and observe what other people will say.

    It has? My way?! Is that a good thing?! :D
    It surely set the forum on fire and brought it back from the dead. Absolutely fascinating stuff with gory sensationalism and all the elements of a great story that surely will be forgotten by Saturday noon.

    I admire the clarity of your thought Shadow.
    Looks like you've caught us red-handed Sherlock hehe...Note that the thank you count would've piled up faster had we opted to praise the FPM crusade, don't you think? :smile:

    Anyhow, if you want to join the circle of elation (that's our secret circle's name), we'll make you an offer you cannot refuse :devil2:

    I'm in the States with working hours that make it hard for me to figure out if I still have a life, sigh...Often times will this forum turn out to be my only window (literally) to the outside world on weekdays.
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