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  • Me good Shevi... Happy to hear ur news... Being in the sky is more fun than ground walla :biggrin:...a t least ma fi 3aj2a :p
    Work is good .. I applied for my visa... all is fine, I got a message from them that all my papers are good and my file was transferred for a long study, .. i think i am gonna wait at least 2 years ... they are always amending the study period.. Anyway I am enjoying my life till then :drunk:... I missed you ya sabé :2415:
    Bonjourak Bonjour (K).... Comment vas tu Sheviiiiiiiii ??? I really miss you :2415:
    I forgot to tell you l 3awad bi salemtak.... hope u feel better now ... Apple is still in very good hands no ?
    Wlak ya sheviiiiiii.... I am feeling you have a lot of good news to tell... go online tonight (my time :tongue:) ... I want to know everything :biggrin:
    Soooooooooo happy for you :msnparty: :2415:
    hehehe poor Shevi :2415:.... it is good to change your style..... I really hope for better ... yalla keep on trying ... 2illa ma tozbat ma3ak chi nhar :devil2:
    Tcharrafna :biggrin:.... but couldn't you choose a cuter imaginary friend ? she looks like tantét l Achrafiyeh :tongue:.... your type of women has really changed :devil2:
    Ktir sa2ile hal benet in your avatar ya Shevi.... chakla jle2 w t2ilet l damm .. min wein metla2at fiya :devil2:
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    thanks for the heart attack !
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