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  • Sorry for not introducing myself properly. I am Hafez. The one you told you interrupted while I was reading the Quran al kareem. lol. All of my wall messages were deleted when the site moved, I am KN.
    Hajj Shreek, my father cousins with the same last name as us, had Arak factory in Ramallah since late 1800s. They sold the factory in the sixiteis to a family from Nassreh who still own "Arak Ramallah El Thahabby". So we know Arak man
    It is believed that the arak is among the first of these liquors - apparently developed by the Christian and Jewish minorities in the Middle East. The art of distillation was initially discovered in the early Middle Ages by the 10th century Arab alchemist, Albukassem.

    There you go Shreek, An Arab who discovered Arak....lol

    Say hi to your Shia friend...later
    hey shreek, they deleted your suspicious post, did you see that? lol
    I joined this forum long time ago, before Cedars forum.
    walla mabsout, kass Arak in one hand and the remote in another...what a life
    Kefeek inta?
    hahah that's so funny, that's so shreek-like :- )

    Allah y3eenon lakan, because yalle ma bya3erfak ra7 ye7tere2 sellefo, w allah y3eenak la2ano people here are very witty and strong-minded, so I've warned you ;-)
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