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  • Watching kadh wjam...never thought I would like such shows, but it's actually well done n very funny...
    Great discovery yesterday night, Sami Clark is the voice behind Grenizer????!!! I had no fk idea!!!!! Was overwhelmed with nostalgic feelings of joy...and shock haha! I was a bit bored by the repertoire he was singing in down town, well not personally but kinda feeling bad for him thinking all that young crowd was not relating to him in anyway, wondering why they invited him, then suddenly BAM! EPIC MOMENT!
    Happy New Year from Samoa! (Ok I don't live there I'm kidding lol but wanted to be the first to wish you all a fruitful and exciting 2018 blessed with health, prosperity and peace! And lots of petrol in our sea hopefully and bahbouha for everyone, if they let us ! :)
    Happy new year to you and to all Oroomers. I wish you all health, wisdom, joy, love, and serenity. Cheers!
    Thank you for your support, اللة يكتر من أمثالك، ، إنت إبن عيله.
    Please if you need anything just contact me.
    Hello :) I hope I can count on your support for the Forum Elections - Round 1

    My electoral campaign:

    part 1:
    My forum election campaign - The Orange Room - forum.tayyar.org

    part 2:

    My forum election campaign part 2 - The Orange Room - forum.tayyar.org


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