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  • مين طلبك مين طلبك!
    rita Y. boulos
    rita Y. boulos
    واحد طلب الـCv
    اللي هوي نفس الحدن بس كل مرة بدير حدن
    عطيتو يا نصو
    تبين عم يطلبو اكيد مش للواسطة
    وعند المواجهة نكر
    Is it true like nothing warms the heart like meeting an old friend on another forum? haha long time to talk, hopefully you're doing fine :)

    We used to keep the contact with many friends through the other forum. Anyway, nice to see you here and hopefully you're enjoying the stay :)
    arak discovered by an Arab. That's just Arabo-Islamic propaganda on your part!! how dare you!! ma 3a ases Alcohol is Haram pffftt. My shia shopkeeper loves my Beard, called me Hajj the other day...
    where did they invent Arak dakhlak? I was at the Airport Duty free area once and I saw Arak for sale, made in Jordan! I was going to buy it until I saw where it was made hahahah. Eh ya khayi bas you know Im trying to quit smoking so I can't drink, la2an when I am drunk i will smoke..........3a fikra I need to quit coffee as well.....
    It is nice posting here since there are alot of different topics and subforums :) It's a huge forum compared to the other one though, so the problem is sometimes it's hard to keep up : D the other one small and home-like, but I guess things have become too tense & strange there : )

    viva stormy, keep posting with a kess of arak hahaha
    shou wle keefak....shou hal nickname ya khayi? keep one and stick to it bek shi? zoomzoom 2el.
    really? :/ no way! That is very shocking...when did this happen?
    I dont think ill be visiting the other forum anymore, I dont know, I lost motivation and things seem to be a bit different :/
    Im so sorry to hear about BL...he was extremist but he's still human afterall
    Hello!!! hahah what a nice coincidence :- )

    Oh no it's not intentional really, I havent posted on any forum since a few weeks now, you know life circumstances :- ) today was the first time i post again so by chance I logged onto LFPM :)
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