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  • I'm not going to lie, I enjoyed that. Not because Wayne is any good, but because it's hard to mess up any version of the song.
    What makes a person? What's the difference between me and a Zionist other than political and religious convictions? You're weird Weezy.
    Oh so now it's my fault that the Wahhabi haulk that's within u has been unleashed on the Syria thread? Do you know how hateful you sound there?
    Khayye if 5 million 10-15 year old girls and ghetto princesses buy her albums, she's a talented artist all of a sudden? The mainstream doesn't determine what's good music. Gangnam Style is the biggest hit in the world right now. Is it any good?
    Nicki Minaj is trash. Trash my friend. She's a Lil Kim rip-off. She at least used to rap, now she just sounds like she's having an orgasm in every song.
    Yeah bro I don't listen to their mainstream hits. The songs that get put on the radio are usually their least quality music. This remix isn't bad it's just I'm sick of his style since he joined Young Money. "I wish we were single like a couple of dollars" just doesn't sound too impressive a line and the guy tries to sing too much. The only rappers I listen to these days are Kendrick and Lupe Fiasco, everyone else is old school.
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