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  • hello you did upload on may 2004 a video about "who killed tony franjiyeh" but it isnt opening and there is an error . I want to see this link so bad please if you can just send it or repost it . thank you so much
    hello, two days ago I created a thread in the ARCHIVE section and i cannot find it. plz tell me what happened to this thread. this is the content of the thread:

    i cannot find the video of the press conference of the MOU signed by FPM and HA anywhere. i would appreciate it if you could plz help me find the link to download the press conference that was held on 6-2-2006, as a video or audio (preferably video)

    X, can you please upload your avatar ImageShack® - Online Media Hosting and send me the link? :smile:
    (and kudos if you made it) -
    X, Results are not bad for FPM, but could be better. Nevertheless those Results do show a trend for Lebanese Forces and their allies that they are gaining ground, so for them those election were great. So from a Trend perspective we are declining (losing ESIB is a decline) but not to a level to be crushed. That's what's causing FPM sympathisers to worry and they are looking for assurance that FPM leaders will be putting and executing plans to counter this. Leaders in general look at trends because it helps them steer the ship, and they (FPM leaders) should not be blind to those Trends, unless they are busy with the internal fights which is usually what bring most Organizations down.
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