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  • Have I ever told you that I like cats, but your avatar scares the sh!t out of me...
    dashnak is tashnag.
    in western armenian its tashnag, eastern armenian its dashnak...
    its not a new party..
    youchka iread ur post before delete. u should not insult me.
    i am very emotional guy, and i change my views based on emotions.. but insideneath i will always remain dashnak.
    i am sorry for being an ***
    Peppereno, I like it when I **** midgets like you. But why did I **** you dear, are you a Gemayel loser or a Geagea loser?

    you are my favorite lebanese woman. You are a lethal S-S-S-: Sassy, sexy, and smart.

    One question for you:

    Do you swallow or spit ?

    May God bless the Great MA and nobody else.
    congratulations, elias el murr is wazir dife3.
    Murr always finds a way to come out on top. I am congratulatiing u because i know ur orthodox. i like orthodox even if not armenians. Its our religion.
    Hummm chou khass ___ bi marhaba? You talked about how Gebran Bassil is hurting FPM and you reply to me about tashnag. Chou bena 3am ndayi3?
    Youchka , dont get angry. I know you not posting ur opinion bout u dont want to be annoying.but i know deep down ur angry that tashnag are exercising michel murr politics. ijer hon w ijer honik lol

    i know its maybe wrong. However tashnag will not alter sides..
    coz what they gonna say to their fanbase?
    gebran bassil is destroying fpm popularity, we should all work on getting bassil out of fpm or else elections 2013 is a loss
    welcome back .I missed your sensible posts.I hope you had nice vacations.

    a fan of yours
    in the first two rounds, your vote is public but you can vote for more than one option, in the final round, you choose 1 of 2 and the vote is confidential!
    Hello Youchka :)
    Can I count on your support for the forum elections ?
    Here are my first campaign ads:
    My forum election campaign - The Orange Room -
    ahla bi youchka shloonik nehna el souriyye men hebb ktir el tayyar allah ou bashar ou el general kamenn mou hekk hahahaha t a la mais?
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