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  1. NMA

    Radio One Lebanon shut down

    Sad news :(
  2. NMA

    Is this a good time to invest your LBPs in Real estate?

    So the banks artin our deposits and are acting like spoiled kids .... is it a good time to buy real estate to "secure" your deposits especially if you have accounts in LBP ?
  3. NMA

    The State of the Lebanese Pound

    Can someone (with proper expertise please) ELI5 what will happen when the banks re-open and people rush to withdraw their money/buy $ ?? I am afraid the $ price will skyrocket and reach never seen before highs.
  4. NMA

    Trump fires John Bolton

  5. NMA

    Flying a drone in Lebanon

    So what are the rules ? Are drones allowed? Seeing that more than half of the country is armed, can I expect some douche bag to snipe the shit out of my drone for "fun" ? Are drone common in Lebanon ? TANKS !
  6. NMA

    I must be ****ING DREAMING ???

    Can this shit hole called Lebanon get any lower than this ?
  7. NMA

    Announcements Is this forum dead?

    Top Sites in Lebanon - Alexa A few years back, oroom was ranked in the top 5 here. now pornhub is higher in ranks.
  8. NMA

    Best platform for stock investment ?

    Hi everyone, whats a recommended platform for stock investment if you are outside US. ( lebanon ). The local banks ortit nassabin and they charge very high fees. Also they dont have online or app options. All exchange and trading is done over the phone which is retarded. Please recommend...
  9. NMA

    Best ISP in Lebanon?

    So this was probably asked before on this forum but i cant find the thread. Which ISP would you recommend ? I am with Sodetel but their unlimited is only at night ( 1am to 8am). My needs : - Unlimited Downloads. - Low Latency.
  10. NMA

    Importing pets to Lebanon

    Hi everyone, Haven not posted in a while. I am flying to Lebanon next month with my cat and I dont know what are the country rules for pet imports. I got a couple of documents on the net but i am not sure how credible the sources are. Also I called the ISF al ma bya3erfo lol
  11. NMA

    14 March'ers... leh against el nesbiyeh?

    Explain like I'm 5 : Leh dod el nesbiyeh ? Thanks
  12. NMA

    Whats a "not so popular" website every LEBANESE should know about?

    * drum roll * ??
  13. NMA

    Best DSL provider in Leb?

    Hi everyone So in your opinion what the best DSL ISP in Lebanon? this is very light weight usage (bel jabal for the week ends only) ya3ne max 4MB speed per month and i dont need much GBs. I am more interested in stability and reliability. Unlimited night download is a plus but not a must.
  14. NMA

    Internet speeds in Lebanon. What is going on?

    Hello I have been struggling with internet speeds for the last month of so. I should get 8MB but I am barely getting 1. I called my ISP (Sodetel) and they blamed it on Oger (of course). They are saying 75% of the country are having speed issues because of the upgrades that happened. This is...
  15. NMA

    Need urgent blood 0+ najjar hospital

    NEED URGENT BLOOD 0+ NAJJAR HOSPITAL Any help is greatly appreciated PM me for all details please.
  16. NMA

    What are you looking forward to in 2015 ?

    this is not about your personal new year resolution because it will fail by Jan 10th.
  17. NMA

    Who are the cheapest mobile sellers in Lebanon ?

    Hey guys Min arkhass ma7al bel mobiles in Leb that you know of? What is the current price for an iphone 6 16gb / 6 plus ? edit: please move to Science and Tech. Thanks
  18. NMA

    The Crisis in U.S.-Israel Relations Is Officially Here

    The Crisis in U.S.-Israel Relations Is Officially Here - The Atlantic
  19. NMA

    Bank interests on savings account in Lebanon

    Hello everyone I heard Byblos bank can give up to 4.5% on savings account in LBP. What bank would you recommend having similar/higher interest rates ? A decent online banking service would also be preferable. Thanks !