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  1. ORMOD

    Insulting the president on the Forum

    It is becoming a trend on the forum to insult the president, this is unacceptable from some Users! Any more insults to the president, the user will be banned without warning or notice! نعمل لاجلكم
  2. ORMOD

    Rest in Peace our fellow Oroomer “William Azar”

    It is with a very heavy heart that we announce the passing of one of our own here on Oroom, @williamazar , William was a victim of the devastating events of August 4. This thread is to mourn his memory on this forum, and to pay our respects. May he rest in peace. --------------------------...
  3. ORMOD

    Yemen War in Yemen [Breaking: Abu Dhabi targeted again]

    مقاتلات سعودية تقصف مقرات للحوثيين الان