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  1. VipModz

    The Lebanese Forces - LF Thread

    Lebanese Forces - LF From being a resistance that liberated Chekka and Hamat to become the biggest and most organized political party in Lebanon as of May 2022 the LF became the biggest bloc in Lebanese parliament with 19 MPs (not counting allies) This thread will be dedicated to everything...
  2. VipModz

    Jabal Mohsen - Is it the heart of terrorism in North Lebanon?

    The Alawites who lives in Lebanon originally came from the Syrian tribes of Jabal Ansarieh located in North-West Syria in 1972, president Sleiman Frangieh naturalized 20,000 Alawites who are originally from Syria per Hafez al Assad request and made Ali Eid (a Alawite who lives in Jabal Mohsen)...
  3. VipModz

    Turkey Israel and Turkey possible peace deal

    Israel and Turkey hail new era in relations The countries agree to rebuild their relationship after years of tensions, as Isaac Herzog became the first Israeli president to visit Turkey in 14 years. Erdoğan voiced readiness “to cooperate (with Israel) in energy projects,” with the prospect of...
  4. VipModz

    Informational Lebanon internet archive 2003-2012

    Forgotten Lebanon internet era between 2003 and 2012 This thread will include media from but not limited to: FPM/LF forums back in 2005 old articles from LF/FPM official website pre-2006 2006 old Lebanese YT videos forgotten lau-fpm website Example FPM forum back in 2005
  5. VipModz

    France French Presidential Elections 2022

    Eric Zemmour announces presidential run to 'save' France Far-right French pundit Eric Zemmour announced his candidacy for president on Tuesday, he said he wanted to save France from decadence and minorities that "oppress the majority". The Lebanese Right-wing fully supports you!
  6. VipModz

    Lebanese Parliamentary Elections 2022

    The 2022 Lebanese general election is the upcoming general election in Lebanon, scheduled for May 2022 This thread is to talk about post-elections speculations Q: Who is going to form the biggest bloc? Q: Can FPM win a seat in Koura district if there is no alliance with FM? Q: Is it true...
  7. VipModz

    Europe [2021] Syrian refugees situation in Denmark

    I've been hearing recently a lot of news concerning Syrian refugees in Denmark Danish government says it's safe for Syrian refugees to return, but Syrians are fighting back Why is Denmark sending refugees back to Syria? Denmark criticized for telling Syrian refugees to return home Thoughts...