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    Rest in Peace our fellow Oroomer “William Azar”

    It is with a very heavy heart that we announce the passing of one of our own here on Oroom, @williamazar , William was a victim of the devastating events of August 4. This thread is to mourn his memory on this forum, and to pay our respects. May he rest in peace.
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    A warm Welcome to our new moderators.

    As you may all realise that you can see some users in orange colour, and as you all know that this time the moderators are assigned and not elected due to reasons we all know. Our new moderators are here to help, assist and not to challenge anyone, we kindly ask you to follow the forum rules...
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    Pre-approval on newly opened threads

    Dear Forum members, All Newly opened threads by the user will have to wait for a thread approval from the moderation team, we will approve as soon as we can. Same or similar threads will me merged with other opened threads if we see fit to do so, breaking news threads will be posted...
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    Providing links/source for articles

    Dear members, From now on the forum user should provide a link and a source for articles posted on the forum, failing to do so, the post will be deleted by the moderation team. نعمل لاجلكم
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    Russian ambassador shot dead in Ankara Turkey

    افادت وسائل اعلام تركية أن منفذ الهجوم على السفير الروسي تركيا اندريه كارلوف هو أحد مرافقيه، وبثت صوراً تظهر لحظة قيام المهاجم باطلاق النار بشكل مباشر على كارلوف. وأكدت مصادر تركية أن المنفذ دخل الى المبنى بهوية شرطي ولذلك سُمح له بالدخول مع سلاحه. وتُظهر بعض الصور وقوف منفذ العملية وراء...
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    Ahmad al Assir arrested at Beirut AirPort

    General security arrested Ahmad al assir Al jadeed
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    Yemen War in Yemen

    مقاتلات سعودية تقصف مقرات للحوثيين الان
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    King of Saudi Arabia Passed Away

    MTV: وفاة العاهل السعودي الملك عبد الله بن عبد العزيز
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    RIP Saeed Akl :(

    الشاعر الكبير سعيد عقل في ذمّة الله.
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    Israel - Palestine, Gaza War ( 7 July 2014 )

    عاجل:جيش الاحتلال الإسرائيلي يعلن بدء عملية عسكرية ضد غزة منذ منتصف الليلة
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    Explosion is Dahyeh

    Eplosion heard in Areed street
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    BN: Explosion in labweh bekaa

    A huge explosion heard in labweh bekaa
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    Explosion is Jesr el wati, souk el a7ad.

    النشرة: معلومات عن دوي إنفجار قرب جسر الفيات على مقربة من سوق الاحد والنيران تندلع من مكان الإنفجار والسحب السوداء ترتفع
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    GMA interview, bala Hasaneh (13-08-13)

    GMA interview, bala Hasaneh (13-08-13)