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  1. NewB

    Lassa Land Larceny: Patronizing Patriarch Postulate vs. Irate Indigenous Invaders

    circa 622 AD علي ... إسم دب الرعب في قلوبكم
  2. NewB

    Living Under Shia's (الشيعية السياسيه) Dominance over Lebanon

    My comment was judging his actions within the parameters of the lebanese political system. He wasn't acting alone in the corruption, his partners are muslim, christian, druze and probably lebanese jews.
  3. NewB

    Living Under Shia's (الشيعية السياسيه) Dominance over Lebanon

    So he's not good with a second language. Lebanon's official language is Arabic. He is very fluent in that language. He's so fluent, he managed to stay in power for 30 years. Seems like he's winning so far....
  4. NewB

    Lebanese - Israeli Relations

    convince this guy
  5. NewB

    Clinton Emails Release - Get in here for Lebanon Research

    Hello Everyone The 3k+ clinton private emails have been released online. I started going through them, and there is a lot of material on Lebanon, Syria and the political situation (Electricity, Aoun, Bassil, Mikati, Hairi, HA, etc..). Please share your findings...
  6. NewB

    Israel - Palestine peace process

    Let me distill the peace process for you. Call it the Deal of the Century or better known as The Abrahamic Accords. 1. Israel will get all the nations to sign a peace deal. - currently ongoing. 2. Create the 70 nation covenant. -currently ongoing. -Pope + Mufti of Azhar + Jewish Rabbis...
  7. NewB

    Informational Deep Into Christianity

    What do you consider Idolatry though?
  8. NewB

    The Hizbollah حزب الله‎ Official Thread (News, Updates and General Discussions)

    Why do you bother replying? Haven't you learned from all the years on the forum that their hate runs deep. They are the Christian dawa3ish (unfortunately).
  9. NewB

    What is happening in Armenia? [Clashes between Azerbaijan and Armenia in Nagorno-Karabakh]

    it's not the weapons but the skill of the operator. Look at afghans, yemenis and some african nations. They were able to fend off 5th generation weapons with nothing more than slippers and an ak47.
  10. NewB

    Deep into Islam..

    Thoughts from the fellow muslims in this thread. It's the view of ibn taymiya but I would like to hear other opinions.
  11. NewB

    Lebanese - Israeli Relations

    If drugs are sold to Israelis then they are paying for their own poison. Similar to the vietnamese selling weed to american soldeirs. They are an "underground" organization that leverages existing techniques to move their money around. Those techniques are also used by criminals. Heck even...
  12. NewB

    Deep into Islam..

    1. I only replied to your rape argument which you replicated from similar arguments found here: Rape in Islam - WikiIslam 2. I have nothing to be scared of and will defend the religion I believe in. If you want to bring Christianity into it then be my guest (your Jesus discussion). 3...
  13. NewB

    Deep into Islam..

    Do you apply hadith chain, authenticity and type to your arguments?
  14. NewB

    Netanyahu Warns of Hizbullah 'Missile Depot' near Jnah Gas Facilities

    The fact remains, that religiously for jews it is something that is taught. You're correct not all jews are the same. Some lobbed cluster bombs trying to kill me and family, and others tried to make business.
  15. NewB

    UAE Israel, Bahrain and UAE reach historic peace deal

    Correct, Israel has a racism problem instead
  16. NewB

    Deep into Islam..

    You can question, ask, inquire and state your opinion as long as you're not insulting. Once you start insulting others then it's fair game. Your arguments are are copied, rehashed, similar whatever you want to call it to existing arguments raised by evangelicals and others. I threw you a bait...
  17. NewB

    Netanyahu Warns of Hizbullah 'Missile Depot' near Jnah Gas Facilities

    Truth hurts, but you can't deny a video. There are hundreds more on youtube. I've met plenty of jews. Never discussed religion or politics because who gives a shit?
  18. NewB

    Deep into Islam..

    If you were here to genuinely understand, then everyone would have respected you as several attempts were made to explain context and meaning. You don't understand islamic jurisprudence, hadith, or the concept of ijtihad, yet you want to argue. Go ahead, it's a bit entertaining.