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  1. elAshtar

    Western civilization, ISIS and Muslims - Whats Happening ?

    Isis main aim is to provoke the west into taking extreme actions against the Muslim communities there which in return will make the Muslims go to the extreme. When they failed to launch huge lethal attacks, they decided to commit the ugliest possible crime i.e. slaughtering a 92 year old priest...
  2. elAshtar

    Anti-Tank missle fired from South Lebanon hit IDF vehicule - At least four wounded

    عاجل | إعلام العدو: إطلاق قذائف هاون بالقرب من منطقة الغجر وإرسال مروحيات الى المكان.
  3. elAshtar

    Existance of Backwardness in 'Christian' Societies

    Since some forumers here have always shown hatred toward muslims and Islam in general, and since they always claim that 'Christian' societies are more progressive than muslim ones just because they are Christians, I decided to open this thread. The aim ofcourse is not to bash 'Christianity' but...
  4. elAshtar

    Said Akl political views

    I will refrain from posting my opinion about him (which is of course because of Religious reasons (as kmarthe; the genius figured out)). Nevertheless, it is not acceptable to delete facts and statements by Akl himself. Ppl have the right to know him as he is. Or shall you make him another Hariri...
  5. elAshtar

    BN: Israeli soldiers wounded in Lebanon border blast

    عملية في مزارع شبعا: تفجير عبوة ناسفة بدبابة اسرائيلية في منطقة السدانة
  6. elAshtar

    13th of September 1993 فذكر إن نفعت الذكرى

    Today is the anniversary of September massacre 1993. HA was demonstrating peacefully against Oslo agreement when the Lebanese army, under the orders of the murdered Rafiq el Hariri, opens fire on unarmed protesters killing 2 women and 9 men. This is a reminder to the "Ahel el Sunna" that HA...
  7. elAshtar

    Explosion in Daher al Baidar check point

    إصابات بالتفجير الانتحاري عند نقطة أمنية في ضهر البيدر (الميادين)
  8. elAshtar

    3 settlers were kidnapped by the Palestinians #‏الخليل_تقاوم‬ in Khalil

    Israeli forces searching for missing settlers arrest Palestinians, raid homes in al-Khalil Israeli forces have detained many Palestinian men and women from Hebron also known as Al Khalil on suspicion of kidnapping 3 Israeli settlers in the Gush Etzion area. Israeli forces are also flying...
  9. elAshtar

    The Super Bassil

    First, I have to say that I had lot of expactations and hopes regarding FPM especially that they raised the banner of "reform" and "change". I however, although still much better than most lebanese parties, came to realize that it is not much different than the typical Lebanese parties. This...
  10. elAshtar

    Unrest in Yemen

    There have been fierce fighting between Ansar Allah (Huthis) and Salafists supported by the Saudis in Yemen. This may turn into a war due to the tribal nature of the Yemeni society الحوثيون يطردون الجماعات التكفيرية من "كتاف" سيطر الحوثيون على بلدة ابو جبارة في منطقة كتّاف...
  11. elAshtar

    Lebanese University-LBCI: A new scandal

    LBCI are using, for 3 months and a half, the swimming pool of the Lebanese university in Hadath Campus without paying any fees. This is happening when the LU is in need of any single penny!!!! I believe the president of the LU Adnan el Sayyed hussein (HA supported his appointment in addition...
  12. elAshtar

    Clashes between HA and Sheyah Family in Baalbak Market

    مراسل الميادين: خمسة قتلى وأحد عشر جريحاً باشتباك مسلح في بعلبك
  13. elAshtar

    Qatar LEAKS

    قطر تعرض على روسيا حماية الجيش الحر للقواعد البحرية حمد: الروس بدأوا يفقدون توازنهم في الحرب الدائرة في سوريا وعليها، ثمة حيّز كبير للحرب الالكترونية. إحدى المجموعات الناشطة في هذا المجال تطلق على نفسها تسمية «الجيش السوري الالكتروني»، تمكنت اخيراً من قرصنة عدد من المواقع الرسمية المهمة...
  14. elAshtar

    What Countries/Parties have done to the Palestinian Cause

    Palestine has always been or at least claimed to be the Arabs and Muslims central cause. Although that we have two axes struggling in the region against each other, both are claiming that their final goal to be reached is the liberation of part of Palestine or whole Palestine. As you know, it...
  15. elAshtar

    Ashura and More - Shia and Sunni point of views

    Dear all, I think many of you are already aware of the fact that there is a lot of sectarian venom being spread in our country and region. This venom is increasing the hatred among us and if not dealt with carefully may lead to our destruction. I realized while reading some of the posts in...
  16. elAshtar

    Where is President Sleiman Standing?!!!!!!

    Which side do you think Presiedent Sleiman will take?!! Will he stand with the "opposition" or against it?! Obviously, things are getting more critical day by day, and I don't think that President Sleiman will be able to stand in the "gray" area as he has been since he was elected! I don't...
  17. elAshtar

    Jamil el Sayyed Attacking Saad Hariri

    عتبر اللواء جميل السيد ان قرار الافراج عن الضباط الاربعة تضمن الحديث عن تغيير في افادات بعض الشهود، لافتا الى انه ما لم يحاسب شهود الزور فعبثا التفتيش عن الحقيقة. واشار خلال مؤتمر صحفي الى ان إهتمام وزير العدل ابراهيم نجار بملف شهود الزور يناقض ما اعلنه منذ سنة "ان القضاء العدلي تصرف بحكمة عندما...
  18. elAshtar

    Da7ye is not Keriat Shmona, Botros!!

    I wonder how would you feel if a minister who is supposed to work for all lebanon said that he visited ur city regardless of the DANGER!!!! بطرس حرب: ذهبت الى وزارتي في الضاحية رغم بعض المخاطر shu hal maskhara!!! I am trying to control myself but this Botrous needs some1 to teach him the...
  19. elAshtar

    لكم هو ساذج وبسيط السيد حسن نصر الله

    فجأة، تسقط الهالة التي تتوّج رأس هذا «القائد المجاهد» لينكشف كم هو غريب عن «اللعبة السياسية في لبنان»، التي لها أربابها وأساطينها من المحترفين الدهاقنة: إنه صريح، مباشر، لا يعرف أصول اللعبة، فلا يداهن ولا يكذب، ولا يزوّر الوقائع، ولا يعلن غير ما يبطن، لذلك فإن تصيّده أمر في غاية السهولة.. ...