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  1. fidelio

    Conscience of the Israeli spymaster’s daughter

    Conscience of the Israeli spymaster’s daughter Igal Sarna meets a Mossad chief’s daughter who is in jail for refusing national service Omer Goldman is a very pretty girl, slender as a model. Never still and very restless, the expected loss of her freedom fills her with anxiety. For months...
  2. fidelio

    Announcements First forum rule

    The inquiry i would like to make is about the 1 - Links & Articles in the Political Forum, Blogs and Social Groups It is completely against the Forum Rules to post links to other Political Websites (This contains: Other Lebanese Political Parties Websites, Political News Websites, Newspapers...
  3. fidelio

    International Women Day

    For all the women who carried us in their wombs, raised us on their arms, fed us with their love and taught us with their compassion. For all the women who suffered the atrocities of men. For all the women who discovered, taught, worked, wrote, struggled and died. يوم امرأة رامي زريق...
  4. fidelio

    Password problems... again

    Can't log in using Firefox. Only works in Opera. How can i log in using Firefox?
  5. fidelio

    Geagea: Opposition behind the assassinations

    In today's press conference, Samir Geagea uttered the following: I couldn't find any official transcript mentioning this piece of info but it's in the audio and archives and my interpretation is pretty accurate. Now it's not the first time Samir distorts every conceivable common sense and...
  6. fidelio

    Police state or Shari3a law?

    Here's the latest Ashraf Rifi jewel: I wonder what law does Rifi serve and protect, is it the Lebanese law and constitution or the Islamic law? Is he protecting religion or the citizens? The rest of the article tells something about the state of the Lebanese security and the people running them.
  7. fidelio

    Post-graduation values

    In light of our mass graduation from the LFPM.ORG as i would like to think of it, we all certainly learned from each other and gave back something in return, our experience is something invaluable and too great to measure by mere words. Each and every member on this forum will take with him...
  8. fidelio

    Nahr al-Bared and a New U.S. Air Base ?

    Nahr al-Bared and a New U.S. Air Base May 25, 2007 About the ongoing shelling of a Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon, Franklin Lamb has a very recommendable report at Counterpunch: Inside Nahr al-Bared and Bedawi Refugee Camps. As he explains the U.S. is heavily involved via the 'Welch Club.'...
  9. fidelio

    Sanioura's Soft side.

    «الحياة» حملت إلى الرجل «الناعم والحازم» أسلئة القراء واتهامات المعارضين (3) ... السنيورة: العبارات الجارحة لا تؤثر على سياستي فانا أسمعها وأضغط على زر الالغاء ... أحب المتنبي وعنترة ودرويش وأم كلثوم وعبدالحليم حافظ يوقظ رومانسيتي لندن - غسان شربل الحياة - 18/05/07// اغتنم رئيس...
  10. fidelio

    Lebanese Presidents

    LES PRESIDENTS DE LA REPUBLIQUE DE 1943 A NOS JOURS BECHARA EL KHOURY (1943-1952) Originaire de Rechmaya (caza d’Aley - Mont-Liban), Béchara el-Khoury était avocat de profession, membre de la Chambre et président-fondateur du parti politique “Ad-Destour”. Il fut élu président de la République...
  11. fidelio

    GMA letter to Ban Ki Moon

    حصلت «السفير» على نص المذكرة التي سلمها رئيس «تكتل التغيير والإصلاح» النائب العماد ميشال عون، الى أمين عام الأمم المتحدة بان كي مون خلال زيارته الى بيروت في نهاية آذار الماضي، وشرح فيها ظروف الأزمة الحكومية والسياسية، وممارسات الأكثرية التي عطلت الحكم نتيجة خرقها الدستور، معتبرا أن المجتمع...
  12. fidelio

    US Arabic speakers monitor Net chats

    Arabic speakers monitor Net chats By Nicholas Kralev THE WASHINGTON TIMES March 9, 2007 The State Department has hired two native Arabic speakers to monitor Arabic political discussion forums on the Internet and to overtly participate in them in an effort to correct misperceptions about...