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    What's the coronavirus update in your area now?

    Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, and the United Arab Emirates are among the nations recording record-breaking numbers of new infections. Spain also became western Europe's first country to record over 1 million confirmed cases. What's the coronavirus update in your area now? How are...
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    Impact Of COVID-19 On Everyday Work Life

    With respect to the continuity of business, companies around the world have switched over to online/virtual modes of working while global mobility has come to a standstill. Apart from following the necessary precautions and bringing in basic health measures at the workplace such as proper...
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    Complete Lockdown of 111 Towns and Villages

    They said there was a sharp increase in cases in recent weeks, thus the decision to completely lockdown 111 towns and villages until October 12. How is everyone doing?
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    Long Distance Relationships

    I'm currently in a long-distance relationship. Does anyone here have any experiences with that? How do you guys manage the distance and stuff like time zone differences? Does it get easier or harder over time? What can I do to prepare myself for this?
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    The best treatment for alcoholism

    I'm curious about alcoholism. Its because my father-in-law is already an alcoholic. He drinks every day and can't stay focus if he stops. It has a bad effect on his behavior. He easily gets mad when drunk. Do you know the best treatment for alcoholism? Are there home remedies too?
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    Books to read ?

    I have been finding a book to read. I want something that relates to different cultures and personalities of people from different places. Have you read one? Please share and give me an idea where to find them. Thanks.
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    Mental Health of Muslim Community

    Hello all! I am currently gathering data for an e-book that I am writing. This is about the mental health of Muslim people. I have read some literature on this subject matter but I would like to get real comments from persons. This is the purpose of this thread. Please feel free to share your...
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    How do I know if I have mental disorder?

    So, I think I am depressed... But I am not sure if this is actually depression or I am just sad. The thing is my parents separated few months back and it affected me so much to the point that most of the time, I just like to be alone and think about things - like why do my parents have to...
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    Telecom Expense Management

    Apologies for asking an off topic question, our company is thinking of implementing telecom expense management (TEM) to control costs and avoid unplanned budget expenses in our organization. We are trying to sort out its benefits to see if it is feasible/worth the budget. Apparently this system...
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    Organizing Docs

    What's the best way to organize and manage your documents online? What I want is something that could allow sharing with other users (similar to what can dropbox do), keep track of any changes and send to persons concerned for review or approval. I'm not sure if you guys are familiar with Trello...
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    Going to Beirut

    We're planning to visit Beirut this year. I'm excited about the lebanese roasted chicken, manakeesh cheese and mezze. I heard that July-August is the peak season but I don't think we can make it by July coz we're still trying to save more :( We don't want to use our credit cards anymore, the...