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  1. GrumpForTrump

    UAE Israel, Bahrain and UAE reach historic peace deal

    Israel and the United Arab Emirates have agreed to normalise relations, US President Donald Trump has announced. A joint statement by Mr Trump, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu and Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed Al Nahyan said they hoped the "historic breakthrough will advance peace in the Middle...
  2. GrumpForTrump

    Police brutality, Hate crime, Homophobia and Human Rights abuse in Iran

    As riots exploded in Minneapolis following the death of George Floyd, Iran was quick to capitalize on that as a means to score cheap political points against the US. Their foreign minister called it "a harrowing demonstration of systematic racism". Which brings me to the question: Does Iran...
  3. GrumpForTrump

    Trump, an underrated comedic genius?

    Because he's always at the center of controversy, I think Trump's sense of humor goes often underappreciated. In this thread we celebrate the president's most LOL-worthy moments, from his witty responses to reporters, savage put-downs, and ridiculously-funny twitter feuds. Please note that this...
  4. GrumpForTrump

    [Breaking] Gay man killed in Aley after being lured on Grindr

    Moderator edit: possible fake news (unreliable source). There are reports that a 22-year old man named Isam Wajdi Jaber has fallen victim to a homophobic crime in Aley. A group of men allegedly lured the guy through Grindr, a famous gay hookup app, and killed him in cold blood. There's nothing...
  5. GrumpForTrump

    How can I outsmart my bank?

    I currently have $3,000 in debt on my credit card, which I'm planning to repay this week. The current exchange rate on the black market is 2,050 L.L. Meaning, if I exchange $2,200 to LBP, I get 4,510,000 instead of 3,300,000. Does that mean I can pay the bank $2,200 to pay off my $3,000...
  6. GrumpForTrump

    Do the protesters realize they're putting people out of business?

    One might argue that the economy had already been deteriorating, but we cannot simply ignore the impact of the 2-month protests on the economy. According to Riad Breich, a front desk manager at Cavalier Hotel in Hamra, the protests prompted a lot of tourists to cancel their reservations during...
  7. GrumpForTrump

    China to eradicate poverty by 2020

    While outcry continues over China's 'mistreatment' of its Muslim minorities (in my opinion, China is actually doing them a favor by forcing them to leave Islam), we seem to forget that this is a nation that has brought the majority of its population out of poverty. According to the World Bank...
  8. GrumpForTrump

    Is love, as we know it, just an illusion?

    I'm 34 and have never been in a relationship or experienced love. Truth be told, I don't even understand what love is. There were times in my life were I thought I was in love, but upon deeper reflection, I think it was mostly teenage infatuation. Every time I "loved" someone, it was because...
  9. GrumpForTrump

    Anti-natalism: The belief that it is morally wrong to have children.

    The current electoral frenzy has kept me from posting the sort of rich and intellectually-stimulating material that you've come to expect from me by now. Today we discuss anti-natalism, the theory that humans should not have children for the good of the (unborn) children. At the heart of...
  10. GrumpForTrump

    Is the Lebanese revolution legitimate?

    Although thousands of Lebanese people have taken to the streets to demand new, clean government, the recent election results and FPM's counter-demonstration have proven that there are just as many people, if not more, who do not oppose the current political establishment. In a democratic...
  11. GrumpForTrump

    OR Candidates It's OK to call another Oroomer an a**hole

    OK, not really. But you can always find a better way to convey the same message. Instead of asking someone to eff off, you can tell him he's the reason God created the middle finger. Tired of @Isabella’s feminist rants? You can simply tell her that she’s too smart for a woman. If elected a...
  12. GrumpForTrump

    Is a non-sectarian system truly the way to Lebanon's salvation?

    In his last speech, Aoun said Lebanon must change from a confessional to a civil state. With the presence of an Islamist militia like Hizbullah, and a Muslim majority that derives its laws from Sharia (Tripoli and Sour alcohol ban anyone?), do you truly believe that a non-sectarian system is...
  13. GrumpForTrump

    FPMers, where do you think Bassil messed up?

    Let's not beat around the bush. Whether he's corrupt or not, Bassil has clearly done something to upset the population. From the way he was appointed to his controversial speeches, today there are thousands of people chanting against Bassil and the "ahed." The opposition is not only from the...
  14. GrumpForTrump

    Jacques Chirac, the greatest French president since Charles de Gaulle?

    Lebanon's loyal friend has passed away. During his tenure, Lebanon enjoyed the best relations with France marked by mutual support on the international scene. This is a chance to reflect on the man's legacy, his relationship with Hariri, and his contributions to our country, from supporting...
  15. GrumpForTrump

    Is this the ugliest World Cup logo ever?

    Qatar has officially unveiled the logo for the 2022 World Cup. First thought, this looks like a baby chewing toy. And the fact it's inspired by the shawl, which is a symbol of women's oppression adds more insult to injury.
  16. GrumpForTrump

    Is the liberal movement trying to emasculate men?

    The term "toxic masculinity" seems to be making the rounds in the news these days. What's toxic masculinity, you ask? It is the idea that men can’t express emotion openly; that they have to be “tough all the time”; that anything other than that makes them “feminine” or weak. In other terms...
  17. GrumpForTrump

    Israel The Arab-Israeli conflict: Is Israel the victim?

    Arabs often claim that Israel is an occupying force, a colonial project. But a look at the conflict's timeline paints a different story. Ever since Israel was established, its neighbors have sworn to destroy the little Jewish state. It is Arabs, including Lebanon, who initiated the hostilities...
  18. GrumpForTrump

    Why are Catholic priests more prone to become sexual predators?

    Researchers put the prevalence of paedophilia in the general population at 0.5% to 1%. However, Catholic priests tend to be overrepresented in child sex offenses. The 4,392 priests who were accused amount to approximately 4% of the 109,694 priests in active ministry during that time. What do you...
  19. GrumpForTrump

    Scandal: Maids not allowed to access swimming pools or wear bathing suits

    As someone who only goes to public beaches, I had no idea of the racist entry policies at Lebanon's private beach resorts. Today, Sporting Club Beach announced a new regulation that bans helpers from wearing bathing suits (so that they don't get mistaken for regular beachgoers). A few days ago...
  20. GrumpForTrump

    Why gay pride is still needed

    Lesbian couple viciously beaten in homophobic attack on London bus. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.cnn.com/cnn/2019/06/07/europe/homophobic-attack-london-intl-scli-gbr/index.html