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  1. Iron Maiden

    FPM reality post SHN 26/05/2020 speech

    Today we wake up on a new political reality after the public admission of HA that there will be no true corruption fight effort from their part because basically they dont give a rat’s ass abt anything if it interferes with the chiite union peace or their fight against israel. Once again FPM...
  2. Iron Maiden

    Morning Person vs Night Owl

    Some wake up at 6am all cheerful and full of energy, prepare a healthy breakfast or do some squats before they start their day. Others have a hard time waking up even after 7-8 hours of sleeping but at 11pm their brains are producing miracles. i have found that at the workplace these 2 dynamics...
  3. Iron Maiden

    Firebombings: The United States’ best kept secret crime of WWII

    the second world war is mostly know for its two nuclear bombs dropped by the american air force over japan and the big number of civilian casualties they resulted in and many still question the ethicality of that decision and the purpose it served. but the most unethical actions ever taken and...
  4. Iron Maiden

    youtube’s greatest and cringiest

    welcome ladies and gents, in this thread we share the greatest and weirdest youtube shows that we find so that we have time to kill when we’re in the loo. I’ll start with this combo cringy mafia-game like show where a bunch if people get to ask questions to each other in order to weed out the...
  5. Iron Maiden

    Big Brother is Tracking you

    part one of a masterpiece investigation published in the nytimes about the phone tracking industry. we need much more awareness abt this https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2019/12/19/opinion/location-tracking-cell-phone.html
  6. Iron Maiden

    Game Novels

    Playing video games and reading are two of my favorite pass-time activities, and so not long i have discovered the tiny hidden world of game novels that combine both decision making/problem solving mechanics from the gaming world AND terrific story telling of books where the tales offer great...
  7. Iron Maiden

    HIV virus completly eliminated in mice for the first time

    A group of researchers have completly eliminated the HIV-1 virus in mice using a two pronged technique through CRISPER tech and LASER ART technique. A breakthrough that has yet to be tested on other than humanized mice. A link to the paper for those interested in the details...
  8. Iron Maiden

    LIBRA: the multinationals digital currency

    In a new hit to local financial sovereignty, the classic financial establishment and and further championing globalization efforts, facebook and 27 other heavyweight partners(mastercard, uber, paypal....) are set to launch Libra, their new “digital” currency by mid 2020. They plan to reach 100...
  9. Iron Maiden

    Pet Rescue and Adoption

    Hello peoplez of the Lebanon, i hereby declare this thread the official OROOM pet and fluffy friends safety net. If anybody hears about a dog/cat/pet needing to find a new home, lets post the info here and try to make their lives a little better. I will start with this plea to find a new home...
  10. Iron Maiden

    Tesla cars have driven over 1.2 billion miles on autopilot, 4 casualties

    In mid 2018 tesla had announced that it’s cars had gone through 1.2 billion miles of road while under the control of their “Autopilot” driving assistance system, for a death toll of 3 people. https://electrek.co/2018/07/17/tesla-autopilot-miles-shadow-mode-report/ This week a fourth casualty...
  11. Iron Maiden

    The miracle of the toilet and mass sanitation

    No this is not a crappy thread, the topic is very serious, and I am a very serious man. Many things we take for granted in our daily lives, none more mundane, yet oh so critical, than properer sanitation. Have u ever thought what would happen if one day u woke up and your toilet isnt...
  12. Iron Maiden

    Facebook cofounder Chris Hughes says “It’s time to break Facebook”

    In a bid to preserve individual privacy and halt the erosion of western democracies, facebook cofounder calls to break up the data giant because it is monopolizing its market and points to what to problems that come with such monopolization of power and knowledge, from political interference to...
  13. Iron Maiden

    Commission a portrait from a member

    mad skillz dawg, do you do portraits? I would commission a great painting of myself to perch over my bed Here’s an idea, tag a member and commission a portrait of urself or another member of this glorious community!! Drawn with a Nb 2 pencil if possible
  14. Iron Maiden

    The culture gap is widenning beween the internet generation and everyone else

    The nth internet scandal/hoax to come out where old people rush to protect young people from the internet, aka themselves. The Momo challenge is not real and only lives in the fears of older/non connected people who dont understand how the internet works but hold the moral high ground and life...
  15. Iron Maiden

    God-tier standup comedy

    Now this is for the golden nuggets out there who will make your sides hurt, that will make you pee sideways and force you to hit pause in order to take a breath.. i dont want to see any aziz ansari, trevor noah or amy shumer tier material in here or u get a thread ban! i'll launch the...
  16. Iron Maiden

    Next manager? - manchester united and mourinho part ways

    Breaking: jose mourinho fired from coaching role at man united live footage from @Jo ’s boudoir
  17. Iron Maiden

    The universal declaration of human rights

    I have to say, i never delved too much into lebanon’s role in the un involving this wonderful document and this just popped in my feed. Share some stories and docs abt this great man and his contributions on the 70th anniversary of that feat.
  18. Iron Maiden

    Butthurt galore, Iron Maiden heeds the call

    I may not have thought this through, but what the heck the call of power is too juicy to ignore. I hereby bestow upon thee, dear readers, the privilege of knowing that i am running for mod of this most orange lounge. Here’s my beautifully detailed program : - I will do my best to limit...
  19. Iron Maiden

    Fun Movies that made their directors

    ITT lets share movies/series that you think best represent the talent of your favorite director. An empty weekend is coming up so throw em at me !
  20. Iron Maiden

    Fun The Swing

    A friend of mine is an up and coming movie director and he made a very nice little indie feature film called The swing. Give it a look and give him a shout out if you like it. The Swing Work