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  1. My Moria Moon

    Will HA retaliate against American interests in Lebanon?

    Short or long lasting war may or may not break out any time between USA and Iran. HA is Iran's closest ally in Lebanon and practically a Lebanese extension of the IRGC. If war breaks out, do you think HA will quickly engage? If so, to what extent? Will they carefully restrict their engagement to...
  2. My Moria Moon

    What are we breathing on our coast, from Burj Hammoud to the Airport?

    It's a killing smell. Instead of shouting out loud their utter dissatisfaction with the misery, people are starting to wear surgical masks., soon gas masks. Does anyone know what is being done to stop this air born invasion of microbes and other creepy aliens from Burj Hammoud and Costa Brava's...
  3. My Moria Moon

    Tal El Za3tar - The Syrian hand in our recent history

    For always remembering who we are dealing with. I just stumbled upon this documentary. It gives a glimpse inside the early days of our uncivil war, summer 1976 and the storming of the well defended Tal el Za3tar camp. Notwithstanding our own Lebanese hablaneh and responsibilities in allowing...
  4. My Moria Moon

    Lebanons gypsies, Al'nawar

    It's still a sad state for those people in Lebanon, but what do we really know about them? Their origin, demographic distribution and movements, language, their religion and culture? Do share if you have more info. الجمعة, تموز 13, 2018 غجر لبنان: مشعوذون وسارقون.. أم مظلومون؟ فرح...
  5. My Moria Moon

    Politicians A daring man with a free spirit? A crazy guy? Who exactly is Muhammad el Hajj Hassan?

    Isn't the mere existence of this guy inside our shia community today, a healthy sign of tolerance?
  6. My Moria Moon

    Deep into Free will vs predestination

    If God exists and he's omniscient (as well as omnipotent), he'd already have in his power and his knowledge every thing that has been, every thing that is now, and every thing that is to come. Including all your thoughts and actions that were, are and will be. If every thing you have done in...
  7. My Moria Moon

    North Korea - USA conflict, how will it end?

    In my opinion, the most lethals of all conflicts ever in human history, is escalating under our noses. Two dumb and mad maniacs on both sides of the ocean could in a blink of an eye turn their madness into a nuclear holocaust. One wrong move, one mistake, one miscalculated hit and China, Russia...
  8. My Moria Moon

    Conspiracies, mysteries, facts or fictions?

    This amazing world is full of unanswered questions, exciting stories, rumors and unexplained phenomena. Let's collect some of those in here. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- February 18, 2016...
  9. My Moria Moon

    Bi-religious? Double wacko or advanced blessing..

    We humans and our varying physical and metaphysical diets and needs. We usually appreciate different kind of food, enjoy listening to different music styles, we sometimes fall in love with two different in characters persons simultaneously, appreciate the best of two or more different political...
  10. My Moria Moon

    A national militia: Pros and cons

    Let's face it: An existential danger threatening Christian, Shia and Druze minorities is lurking at the corner. The region is on fire and the fire is closing in on us. We've seen the fate of towns and regions invaded by da3esh and nusra orcs and we've been warned. What shall we do? Even if we...
  11. My Moria Moon

    Connecting the dots.. ISIS, WWIII and the evil behind the old plan to dominate the world?

    I love world conspiracies.. Because they are like scary movies. They're not only thrilling, they also contain elements of fascination and to which one often can relate factual observations. Personally, I tend to believe more in the mysterious power of self-fulfillment. Even the most...
  12. My Moria Moon

    Deep into outside the box

    Let's have some intellectual fun. This thread is about funny, entertaining, maybe "not so common" thoughts or wonderings - excluding perversities :biggrin:- YOU might have or have had for some time about literally anything, but which you so far did not find the proper opportunity or ears to...
  13. My Moria Moon

    MEA refused to board disabled "Roula Helou"on board.

    From Tayyar.org رولا حلو: شركة الميدل ايست منعتني من السفر لاني مسافرة مفردة ولا استطيع المشي نعم اليوم اعاقتي تسبق انسانيتي وذلك في مطار بيروت وتحديدا مع شركة الميدل ايست اي الطيران الوطني الشركة منعتني من السفر لاني مسافرة مفردة ولا استطيع المشي في الطيارة انا اليوم حزينة في وطن لا...
  14. My Moria Moon

    THE 4 BLOOD MOONS or What Will Happen To Israel In 2014? & 2015?

    For psycho-conspiratorialists like myself who love mystique, conspiracies, biblical as well as One Thousand and One Night tales, here's one example of why it is good to also lend an ear to those legends, taking into account the effect of vanity on humans causing events to self-fullfill. In...
  15. My Moria Moon

    Can we Lebanese make war in Syria, but maintain peace in Lebanon?

    Inspired by a good spirit who asked me to put my thoughts into a topic, I started to wonder: Is it possible for us Lebanese to fight one another in and over Syria, yet manage to keep living in peace, even though fragile or long lasting, in Lebanon? I want to live in peace. You, him and her...
  16. My Moria Moon

    Lebanese Sunni-Shia Fitna: How would you defuse it?

    The Ebola of sectarian fitna between Sunni and Shia is dramatically spreading in the region, and in Syria in specific. It is no secret it is already approaching us Lebanese. For Israel, hitting on the enemy's own Achilles heel and driving them to consume themselves in cycles of own blood...
  17. My Moria Moon

    Pushing a wounded tiger into a corner means one thing: Prepare for war, it is coming

    Today I had lunch with an Iranian friend living outside Iran. The guy has almost daily contacts inside Iran with business partners, family and friends. In brief he told me that the Iranians are now under huge stress, economically speaking. The increased pressure of sanctions against Iran, the...
  18. My Moria Moon

    Flame, one of the most powerful cyber-weapons ever

    I got this article translated and sent to me from a friend living in Sweden. It was Published in a Swedish newspaper, The Expressen. The world's most complex cyber-weapon has been detected. Thousands of computers, mainly in the Middle East, has since 2010 been infected with a trojan that has...
  19. My Moria Moon

    Salafists / takfiri in Lebanon: An educational insight

    They parasite on democracy for their existence, but will deny it for others. So I tell the Sunni Lebanese before others: Know thy enemy. NEImdXAANPo And here's how they socialize on Facebook praising Fat7 el Islam and inciting against Shia. How will they end? Exterminated, or...