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  1. Dr. Strangelove

    Dr. Stranglove's (Crazy?) Journey Through Cinematic History

    As one might guess from my username, I am a big fan of the movies. The combination of artistry, psychological intelligence, business acumen, hard work and a deep sense of culture that goes into making a great film is intoxicating for me. It is truly something magical. A couple of years or so...
  2. Dr. Strangelove

    The October 17 "Thawra", One Year Later: What Has It Achieved?

    As we approach the anniversary of the so-called revolution that began on the 17th of October, we look back and wonder - what did it achieve? What came of it? My personal outlook of it is, sadly, extremely negative: -Not only has the mafia state not been dislodged, it has actually become more...
  3. Dr. Strangelove

    Government Appointments under Diab

    This thread serves to track government appointments during Diab's term.
  4. Dr. Strangelove

    Live Music Performances

    Some music only truly comes alive when played live, tired and sweating, in front of an adoring audience. This thread is dedicated to your favorite live music performances.
  5. Dr. Strangelove

    The Environmental Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic

    The COVID-19 pandemic is the greatest challenge humanity has faced since World War II. Alongside the tragic loss of life and economic paralysis, however, comes an unexpected silver lining: lockdowns happening all over the globe are giving the ecosystem a much needed break. This thread is...
  6. Dr. Strangelove

    Food Porn

    Hey, you. You, over there in the "Users Who Are Viewing This Thread" section. I see you lurking there. It's cool. I won't tell anyone. Enjoy. ;) Note - Don't hesitate to include recipes if you're feeling kinky!
  7. Dr. Strangelove

    FPM and the Strong Lebanon Bloc - Parliamentary Activity

    This thread aims to track the movement of FPM representatives and their allies within parliament. Draft laws, votes, speeches and any other representative action can be shared and debated here. We gave them our votes. Let's keep an eye on what they're doing with them.
  8. Dr. Strangelove

    Lebanon's Electricity Problem - Updates and Discussions

    This will become Oroom's dedicated thread for Lebanon's electricity situation from now on. Previous threads (including this one have become outdated - a list of these threads might be edited into this post in the near future for archival purposes). Please post all updates and discussions...
  9. Dr. Strangelove

    Filmmaking and Filmmakers

    Few art forms have the capacity to capture our hearts and minds the way filmmaking does. Through this thread, I hope we can discuss and celebrate this art form and those who practice it, be they directors, cinematographers, screenwriters, editors or producers. This isn't a thread about movies...
  10. Dr. Strangelove

    Which Oroomer Would You Most Like to Have a Drink With?

    Self-explanatory. Could be a list. Mention what drink you'd buy them if you're feeling like it. Doesn't have to be alcoholic. I'll just put some blues rock on the jukebox, if y'all don't mind...
  11. Dr. Strangelove

    MEA and Others Will Now Only Accept Payments in USD [MEA Reverses Decision at the Behest of Gov.]

    MEA and Airlines Operating in Lebanon Will Now Accept Payment in Dollars Only "All forms of payment will be accepted on the condition of providing the transaction in foreign currency" The official Lebanese airline Middle East Airlines MEA announced that "starting Monday, February 17th, all...
  12. Dr. Strangelove

    The Official Orange Room Rap Battle Arena [Parental Advisory - Explicit Content]

    Hey, yo, listen up. Rhymin's pretty cool when you're dishin' it out Spitting bars like Kendrick, but don't you ever doubt That for those having to read, it's a bit of a chore Pages upon pages of disses and little more So I'll give y'all an alternative, instead of a ban Why don't you throw it...
  13. Dr. Strangelove

    Hassan Diab Government [IMF Negotiations Officially Underway]

    On the night of Tuesday the 21st of January 2020, Hassan Diab's new government of 20 ministers, the third within President Michel Aoun's term, was officially announced. This thread is to keep up with and discuss the events surrounding its formation and the work it will be doing throughout its...
  14. Dr. Strangelove

    Prime Minister Consultations, December 2019 [Hassan Diab Nominated]

    Good morning! It's about 9 AM Beirut time on a day which could ultimately prove to be pivotal for the immediate and not-so-immediate future of our dear country. Consultations have been scheduled to start at 10 AM, while former PM Hariri's Future Movement is expected to make a statement at the...
  15. Dr. Strangelove

    Holiday Spirit: Share Your Culinary Christmastime Indulgences!

    With Christmastime nearing and our spirits in desperate need of some lifting, Holiday Spirit is a series of threads to help us feel a tiny bit of that Christmas cheer. Check out the other threads in this series: What Are Your Favorite Christmas Songs? and What's Your Favorite Christmas Movie...
  16. Dr. Strangelove

    Holiday Spirit: What Are Your Favorite Christmas Songs?

    With Christmastime nearing and our spirits in desperate need of some lifting, I'd like to start a series of threads to help us feel a tiny bit of that Christmas cheer. Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without proper Christmas music, in all its unashamed sentimentality and cheesy glory. What are...
  17. Dr. Strangelove

    Holiday Spirit: What's Your Favorite Christmas Movie?

    With Christmastime nearing and our spirits in desperate need of some lifting, I'd like to start a series of threads to help us feel a tiny bit of that Christmas cheer. We (hopefully) all have a favorite Christmas movie. That film we watch every year. That film that conjures memories of cuddling...
  18. Dr. Strangelove

    OR Candidates StopWorryingLoveTheBomb for Moderator

    Hello! No matter how you look at it, there's no denying that Lebanon is in a very difficult spot right now. Corruption, protests, financial disaster, Christmas in T-shirt and shorts... It's enough to make you want to cry into your bowl of Nido and Poppins cereal every morning. Everyone is so...
  19. Dr. Strangelove

    The Justice Thread

    This thread covers the development of court cases and news related to the justice system. Due to the importance of keeping tabs on these things, this thread will be threadmarked and continuously updated with an index linking to key posts and articles. Index: Badri Daher Customs Case Reported...
  20. Dr. Strangelove

    National Budget 2020: The Kahrababadook

    With things heating up around Lebanon's upcoming national budget, and with the threat of economic collapse as close as it's ever been, what are your thoughts on the 2020 edition and any solutions it might/must bring? Will the Lira finally collapse? Will we see some much needed reforms? Will...