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  1. SeaAb

    7.0 Earthquake hits Turkey

  2. SeaAb

    Germany bans Hezbollah - conducts raids

    Germany bans Hezbollah, conducts raids – interior ministry BERLIN, April 30 (Reuters) - Germany has banned Iran-backed Hezbollah on its soil and designated it a terrorist organisation, the Interior Ministry said on Thursday. Police conducted early morning raids in Germany to...
  3. SeaAb

    Unrest in Hong Kong

    2. Shooting a female protester in close distance, which hit her in the right eye and blinded her permanently, according to information from doctors. 3. Shooting a first-aider on the scene, causing him to faint. Other first-aiders had to hold up a large banner with words of warning to halt the...
  4. SeaAb

    Ain Dara cement factory - HA vs PSP?

    HA's version of the story: