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  1. Stormie

    From the river to the sea: the inevitable end of settler colonialism in palestine

    December 04th, 2018 By Miko Peled JERUSALEM, PALESTINE — The call “From the River to the Sea, Palestine shall be Free” brings out the worst in the Zionist spokespersons. From CNN and Fox News to the various Zionist trolls and spokespersons around the world: “Aha!” they say, “The true face of...
  2. Stormie

    كوشنير لملك الأردن عبدالله الثاني: ندفع ديون لبنان أي مئة مليار مقابل توطين الفلسطينيين

    Would the Lebanese government agree? How would the people react? This is an article in Aldeyar newspaer, today's edition كوشنير لملك الأردن عبدالله الثاني: ندفع ديون لبنان أي مئة مليار مقابل توطين الفلسطينيين
  3. Stormie

    why lf is attacking Gaby Essa?

    I just heard it on Almaydeen, what did Gaby say or do to get attacked by LF?
  4. Stormie


    FT. LAUDERDALE, FL (KTRK) -- Authorities say multiple people have died after a lone suspect opened fire at the Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, international airport. The sole suspect in the shooting is in custody, and federal authorities are en route to assist with the investigation. Broward County...
  5. Stormie

    RIP Fidel Castro !!!

    RIP Fidel Castro. He showed courage in the face of the greatest military complex in the world. A small Island that stood the line and defended itself against all odds. I respected his courage and perseverance. RIP
  6. Stormie

    50 dead in Orlando nightclub terrorism attack, state of emergency declared

    There are 50 dead and 50 more injured in the Orlando nightclub shooting, and Florida is under a state of emergency after Sunday morning's terrorism attack. This is the deadliest mass shooting in the U.S. in at least 30 years. The massacre happened over a three-hour period. U.S. Rep. Alan...
  7. Stormie

    Iran will not send Pilgrims to Saudia Arabia for Hajj

    Saudi Arabia: Iranian Official Says Residents Will Not Participate in Hajj in Country This Year Iran's minister of culture, Ali Jannati, made the announcement Thursday after he said talks with Saudi Arabia officials to discuss hajj arrangements were not productive. Why Would Iran think about...
  8. Stormie

    Syria Syria Will Win if Oil Prices Keep Coming Down

    أسعار البترول تهبط إلى ما قبل خمس سنوات حوالي 40 دولار للبرميل الواحد هناك احتمالات إلى أن يهبط سعره إلى 20 أو 15 دولار للبرميل إذا حدث هذا سينكمش الدعم الخليجي للدواعش هذا أهم من أي اقتصاد أو مديونية
  9. Stormie

    داعش والنصره في اسرائيل يحتفلون بشهر رمضان

    قمة الوقاحة! جنود مسلمين في جيش الاحتلال الاسرائيلي يهنئون المسلمين بمناسبة شهر رمضان
  10. Stormie

    Israel arrests Bishop Attallah Hanna

    Israel arrest Greek Orthodox Bishop protesting illegal seizure of church property (PNN/Hebron/)Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) on Saturday morning arrested Bishop Atallah Hanna during his participation in a march protesting the illegal seizure of a hospital building which is part of al-Baraka...
  11. Stormie

    "Welcome to Palestine"

    As he landed in Tel Aviv airport, Welcome to Palestine, The Brave Italian Pilot shouted تل ابيب: طيار إيطالي يثير الذعر في مطار اللد بعبارة " أهلا بكم في فلسطين" رام الله - دنيا الوطن "أهلًا بكم في فلسطين" هذا ما قاله طيار إيطالي، يعمل لدى الخطوط الجوية الإيطالية (AlItalia)، عبر مكبرات الصوت...
  12. Stormie

    Friedman line, ‘Congress is bought and paid for by Israel lobby,’

    Friedman line, ‘Congress is bought and paid for by Israel lobby,’ is shot heard round the world THOMAS FRIEDMAN, PHOTO BY JOSH HANER The last time Tom Friedman shocked the American Jewish community was in 1982 when he said that Israel’s bombardment of Beirut was “indiscriminate.” The word was...
  13. Stormie

    3 Muslim students shot to death near UNC at Chapel Hill

    (CNN)A 46-year-old man has been charged with murder in the shooting deaths of three students in an apartment near the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill campus. Police said "an ongoing neighbor dispute over parking" may have been a factor in the shootings Tuesday evening. The suspect...
  14. Stormie

    صراع داخل الحزب الشيوعي اللبناني

    المولى : الصراع داخل " الشيوعي" يتمحور حول الموقف من سوريا والمقاومة تصريح صادر عن علاء المولى، عضو اللجنة المركزية للحزب الشيوعي اللبناني: يواصل السيد خالد حداده، الذي يشغل موقع الأمين العام للحزب بحكم الأمر الواقع، استخدام موقعه لمواصلة الهجوم عليّ، ومحاولة الإساءة إلى سمعتي باختلاق فبركات لا...
  15. Stormie

    RIP William Nassar

    المصدر: "النهار"رين بوموسى 2 كانون الثاني 2015 الساعة 13:13في منتصف الشهر الماضي، نشرت صورة على حسابي عبر "فايسبوك"، تظهر عملية شواء الكستناء على "الوجاق" في ليلة شتاء باردة. في تلك الليلة، علّق وليم نصار على الصورة مقترحاً "النبيذ الأحمر" مع نار المدفأة. نار لم تدفئ جسده البارد، ونبيذ حرم من...
  16. Stormie

    KSA wants HA on Terrorist List

    Hizbullah on Thursday dismissed Saudi Arabia's call for the U.N. Security Council to label the Lebanese party as a “terrorist” group, shrugging it off as a “sonic bubble.” “The Saudi envoy's remarks at the U.N. Security Council served Israel's interests,” Hizbullah sources told al-Mayadeen...
  17. Stormie

    Hariris Invading Jordan

    سوق الجمعة ازالة سوق الجمعة الذي يعيل أكثر من 10 آلاف عائلة اردنية نزولا عند رغبة استثمارات بهاء الحريري في سرايا العبدلي لأنها تشكل مظهر غير حضاري وغير منسجم مع فخامة المباني والأسواق التجارية الرأسمالية ............................. وطن محتل من زمرة فاسدة ومنفصلة عن قضايا وأوجاع المواطنيين
  18. Stormie

    Ziad Rahbani is Leaving Lebanon

    Rebellion as always, Ziad Rahbani said in an interview that he will be leaving Lebanon to Russia for good. Criticizing the whole political and socio-enomical situation in Lebanon, Ziad, the 59 years old artist, said it was time for him to leave the country. Sad day <span style="color: rgb(74...
  19. Stormie

    Islam For Dummies

    This Is What Wannabe Jihadists Order on Amazon Before Leaving for Syria Can you guess which books the wannabe jihadists Yusuf Sarwar and Mohammed Ahmed ordered online from Amazon before they set out from Birmingham to fight in Syria last May? A copy of Milestones by the Egyptian Islamist Sayyid...
  20. Stormie

    RIP Samih Al-Qasim

    فلسطين المحتلة: رحيل الشاعر الفلسطيني الكبير سميح القاسم Almayadeen <span style="color: rgb(51, 51, 51); font-family: Tahoma; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 25.600000381469727px; orphans: 2; text-align: justify; widows: 2; background-color: rgb(238, 238, 238);">