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  1. Murder he wrote

    Paying in $ for an apartment still under construction

    Hello, In mid-2018 I bought an apartment. The owner (his first project ever) told me in 1.8 months he will finish it. 2 years has passed and he is still working on it. The work is quite slow due to the shortage of $ and the crazy rates of $. However, I paid him $40,000 at the beginning as a...
  2. Murder he wrote

    How to get a Shengen visa?

    Hello everyone, I travel a lot, but actually never been to Europe before. I want to go to Hungary (Budapest) to watch F1 race (30 July till perhaps 10 of August). Then I want to go to Monza starting from the 3rd of September and for 10 days. My friends told me applying for the French embassy...
  3. Murder he wrote

    How to ship clothes from uae to lebanon?

    Hello, I was in Dubai couple of weeks ago and bought few items from Brandsforless. The quality was really good (original) like a Michael Kors jacket that I bought for $60 while it cost $300 online. Anyway, I am checking their website and I see new jackets. I want to buy few, do you know any...
  4. Murder he wrote

    What to do with $75,000?

    Hello, After many years of working, my bank account reached $75,000. I am below 30's and single. What to do with them? Obviously I need to gain more money. But how? Any idea? I am observing the economic situation in Turkey and it's going to a crisis, so I might buy a small studio there if it...
  5. Murder he wrote

    School isn't paying my mother her social security, what to do?

    Hello, I have no idea how to write the following in English, but I'll try my best. So my mother used to work in a private school (not as a teacher). She raised me alone all these years and my income got better in 2015 so I told her to quit and she did. Since two years now we are chasing the...
  6. Murder he wrote

    Parking near the airport!?

    Hello, I'm flying in the next few hours and I would like to go with my car as it'll be at night (1AM) and I'll be returning at night as well (1:30 AM). So it makes sense to go by car as I've done it in the past and it was such a lovely trip from the North ;) Anyway, this time I'm going for 7...
  7. Murder he wrote

    Getting rid of bad breath!?

    Hi members, I had been taking antibiotics for the last few months and this affected negatively on my tongue as I have a white product now due to Candida/fungus. I've been taking medicaments but with no results so far and I'm so tired of this situation as I noticed that my breath is getting...
  8. Murder he wrote

    Where to find coconut Oil

    Hello everyone, I searched many local supermarkets for "coconut oil" (organic extra virgin) but I couldn't find anywhere. All I found is coconut oil cream or stuff like that. There are a lot products on Amazon: Amazon.com: coconut oil Does anybody where can I find similar products in...
  9. Murder he wrote

    WC2014 Videos: Goals and highlights

    Hello, Let's use this topic to show our favourite goals and highlights. I'll start by posting yesturday's goals from the game between Italy and England (you just need to right click - save as). The quality is HD. First goal...
  10. Murder he wrote

    How to find this book?

    Hey guys, I'm looking to buy this book. The Piranha Club: Power and Influence in Formula One http://www.amazon.com/The-Piranha-Club-Influence-Formula/dp/1852279079/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1389523672&sr=8-1&keywords=The+Piranha+Club I don't want to buy it from Amazon and pay extra. So...
  11. Murder he wrote

    Buying a new TV

    Hi guys, I want to get a new TV, but I don't know from where to start. All I care about is to be able to see HD channels 720p or 1080 and be 42' inch or more. I found this one...
  12. Murder he wrote

    Cheap flight to Abu Dhabi

    Hello, I am going to Abu Dhabi at the end of this month (31) and will return after 5 days on Monday (5 November). Every year I go there (same period) and the price of the flight by Flydubai is $180 or $250 maximum. I was checking the prices this week and it's $340. Please can someone help...
  13. Murder he wrote


    Hello, I was supposed to be graduate now, but I skipped this year and went to work. Now I a earning like $800 per month. But I don't have time for uni anymore really. But I need to get that paper and put it on the wall :P So guys, I still have 6 courses, I am planning to take 2 courses...
  14. Murder he wrote

    Stealing my contents

    Hi, I have a motorsport website and Elnashra Sports is copying all my news and articles. What can I do? Thanks :)
  15. Murder he wrote

    Unethical company

    Hi, I have a presentation for my Ethics course about "Unetical business" or companies? Is there any idea where I can find information or a ready presentation ? :P Thank you.
  16. Murder he wrote

    Going to Abu Dhabi

    Hello, I got a Free ticket to attend the F1 race in Abu dhabi after 2 months from now (12-14 November). I don't really Know what to do now do I need a Visa? or just a passport ? I've never visited another country before so this will be my first time ever, any advice Please? Thank you !!
  17. Murder he wrote

    World Cup 2010 Goals

    Hi, I opened this topic so we can post all the WC goals :P RSA vs Mexico RSA - Goal : RSA 1-0 MEX 1mb.wmv Mexico - Goal : RSA 1-1 MEX 1mb.wmv
  18. Murder he wrote

    MIS vs IT

    Which one is best for Lebanon market ? I am confused what to do? I am doing a Programming course and i really hate it, and i am not really good in Mathematics (in IT you have to take calculus II, discrete mathematics) and I don't think that I can pass them :(. MIS looks ok for me, but it's...
  19. Murder he wrote

    Survey (i need your help please)

    Hello I have a survey for my culture class and i need at least 10 people to complete the following questions (I asked 10 and i need your help to have 20). So i hope you can help me guys. 1) Age Range : 18-23 24-29 30-35 2)Date and Place of birth : 3) Home adress (don't worry no need...
  20. Murder he wrote

    USA's National Security

    Hi, What do you think of the USA's National Security and Defense Strategies? I have no idea but I'd like to Know your opinions. Thanks