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  1. Strange_Man

    The Orange Room "Blood Donors Database"

    Hi All, Plaquettes B Negative needed URGENTLY PLZZ .. (Also said ino byemshe O- or A-) Plz Call Urgently: 70 802 060 Michel, Hotel Dieux Hospital Thank you,
  2. Strange_Man

    FOR SALE: Toshiba Qosmio X70-A213 (ORIGINAL)

    Hi All, For Sale: Almost brand new Laptop ( Bought on January 2014) Original Toshiba Qosmio X70-A213 CPU - I7-4700MQ 6MB Cache 2.40/3.40 Turbo GHz 32 GB Ram DDR3 2TB Hard Disk Drive Blu-ray Disc (rewritable BD-RE) 17.3" Full HD LED 1920x1080 NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 770M with CUDA™...
  3. Strange_Man

    Spanish Primera Division 2013/2014

    وحاول ريال مدريد رفع العقوبة عن لاعبه الدولي ، إلا أن ثلاث جهات أيدت إيقافه ، وهي لجنة المسابقات ، ولجنة الانضباط ، والمحكمة الرياضية في إسبانيا
  4. Strange_Man

    Spanish Primera Division 2013/2014

    Elad, It was impossible for the referee not to give a Red Card since Ramos was the last defender although we can argue about the foul itself. IMHO, Ramos did make a foul on Neymar with his left hand but Neymar exaggerated the fall. Both RM players (Ramos & Alonso) were stupid and gave 2...
  5. Strange_Man

    Order of Engineers and Architects election

    ايلي بصيبص: 6699 صوت - عماد واكيم: 6412 صوت
  6. Strange_Man

    Order of Engineers and Architects election

    Manar TV: FPM Candidate and the FULL list have won the Engineers Election
  7. Strange_Man

    March 13 Demonstration (all in here)

    Ammar Houri Kissing SH's Hand zQhDMzf8vVk Protestors Stepping on the Lebanese Flag GthP-m__2DE
  8. Strange_Man

    Ntv Reveals "Al Hakika Leaks" about Elias Murr

    Part 1 of 4: tya7dn-ZdPM The remaining parts will be posted respectively as soon as they are uploaded..
  9. Strange_Man

    Ntv Reveals "Al Hakika Leaks" about Elias Murr

    First Part: 14Qy58qh8D4 Second Part: 0_GVdjxtzzY
  10. Strange_Man

    Ntv Reveals "Al Hakika Leaks" about Elias Murr

    --e1xg_NwnU As Joe Tayyar said, the full report will be on Thursday and Friday. Enjoy :biggrin:
  11. Strange_Man

    Ntv Reveals an Audio of a Secret Meeting Between Hariri and Al-Siddiq

    I've Recorded the whole reportage (14 mins). I'll upload it very soon.
  12. Strange_Man

    [3rd Place Match] Germany V/S Uruguay

    Is this the same Germany who played against Spain !!!!!?????? WTF, from the first second they manage to attack and score! they scored 2 goals one of them offside.. I don't believe in mou2amarat, but heck, I will start to believe.
  13. Strange_Man

    [Semi-Final] Germany V/S Spain

    Hard luck.. this was not the performance they showed :( .. Let the best win in the final. Germany, we still have the Bronze let's get it..
  14. Strange_Man

    [Semi-Final] Netherlands V/S Uruguay

    It WAS offside, Van Persie clearly interfered with the play!! Even Schneider thought the goal was offside. Anw, the game is over 3-1.
  15. Strange_Man

    [Quarter Final] Ghana V/S Uruguay

    I just was watching the analysis of Jazeera sports. The play which Suarez got a red card on, was a clear offside. Again a mistake by the referee made all this chaos. No.10 of Ghana was offside when the ball was aimed towards him. It's shown in this pic.
  16. Strange_Man

    [Quarter Final] Ghana V/S Uruguay

    Man, you will only play Uruguay once and Suarez will NOT be playing.. shu badak a7san mn hek?? He is the best player.. and definitely Uruguay will struggle on the offense against Netherlands.
  17. Strange_Man

    [Quarter Final] Ghana V/S Uruguay

    Why are you making a big fuss about it ?!?! He has all the right to do so, independent of whether it's a clean act or not.. It's the same as when a last defender tackles a striker aiming to score. He will get a red card + penalty. If the striker misses the shot then it's his fault. Dutch fans...