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  1. revolution425

    Sensational journalism and the over simplification of the lebanese problem

    Watched this and was once again intrigued with how foreign correspondents really don't get it or simply refuse to get it. not sure
  2. revolution425

    Possibility of a new government.... Sleiman going solo

    It appears that we might be witnessing the formation of one sided government very soon. As crazy as that step might be how should the other camp reply to this? also how legitimate is a government that does not receive the confidence of the parliment?
  3. revolution425

    Walid bin talal exposing the 3arab

    «بصراحة مطلقة، يخجل منها رئيس الوزراء الإسرائيلي بنيامين نتنياهو»، قال الملياردير السعودي الأمير طلال بن عبد العزيز إن «المملكة (العربية السعودية) والدول العربية والمسلمين السنة يؤيدون شنّ عدوان إسرائيلي على إيران». الأمير «النصف لبناني» الذي لا يكاد يمر يوم من دون أن تحاضر رئيسة مؤسسته...
  4. revolution425

    The Terrorist Khaled Daher threatening to split the Army

    خالد الضاهر: قائد الجيش فاشل ومخابراته شبّيحة وسنطالب أبنائنا فيه بالدفاع عنا. w dawli......
  5. revolution425

    The fraud exposed!!

    Do you guys remember this idiot who we discussed in a thread before with regards to him wanting to protect arabism and training fighters for that purpose, well guess what it turns he was an israeli spy, The old thread can be found here...
  6. revolution425

    so when do we begin the counter attack?

    So I have been watching the recent events unfold in Lebanon and all the charades M-14 acting group been presenting and I keep on wondering , when will we begin a counter attack. I mean seriously,every day I tell my self today is the day but nope all i see is the M-14 bozos lying and...
  7. revolution425

    Scud missiles and american hypocrisy !!!!

    I am not surprised by the American stand on the scud missiles issue, I mean their beloved Israel can have nuclear war heads ,the latest jet fighters and pilot free airplanes and the most destructive missiles. But when it comes to lebanon acquiring a prehistoric missile , their whole congress...
  8. revolution425

    What is the definition of state in lebanon

    With every political talk we have here in lebanon , the word dawli seems to pop up in the conversation, from topics of HA weapons to shady security deals with shady countries. What is the definition of dawli in lebanon? Isnt the dawli a code word for prime minister who has the majority of poer...
  9. revolution425

    why dont we have taxes on properties !!

    Every one I know is raving about real estate in lebanon. Real estate seems to be the answer to many peoples trouble and the gate to a brighter future.Its important to say that the people behind the Hindenburg balloon were probably thinking on the same lines, little did they anticipate the quick...
  10. revolution425

    Death sentence for the Israeli agents

    In light of recent discoveries and the amount of Israeli spies that are being exposed everyday, I find it ridiculous that our government is not taking serious deterring steps to prevent any further infiltration. Its like the info these traitors are providing is not causing the death of...
  11. revolution425

    Communism,Capitalism or in between!!!

    In light of semi calmness on the political arena and the different economical problems the country faces, I thought it would be good to discuss what system works best for our country taking into account the different aspects that would affect such a decision from resources to religion etc...
  12. revolution425

    So it was just another lie !!!!

    Well apparently the security forces did their job completely and with no hindrance in the da7yi incident , an incident that was blown way out of proportion by some politicians in an attempt to gain popularity and score points. It seems that we are to get used to such accusations being made in...
  13. revolution425

    counter act strategy needed !!!

    We all heard recently of the attacks that have been mounted against the hizib recently. The reason I am opening this thread is not to try and defend the hizib and their bond with FPM, but rather how can we turn the propaganda machine on those trying to ignite a battle. Example the last...
  14. revolution425

    Sanyora the liar

    sanyora the genius of 14ers today tried to sound innocent by saying that the decisions were not really taken yet when in reality the decisions were made and sent to the united nations what a kizeeb