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  1. Libnene Qu7

    France Radicalism and Europe's relationship with islam(Macron - Erdogan, Nice and Vienna attacks)

    Long live France! And to hell with 7th century desert ideology.
  2. Libnene Qu7

    Deep into Islam..

    No habibi, Islam stimulates my mind as much as tomato juice does. We are only trying to save you from eternal delusion. Yet you insist on remaining loyal to a warlord who gets horny over his son in law's wife and a 9 year old child. Even a Coptic sex slave didn't buy his bullshit, so why should you?
  3. Libnene Qu7

    Deep into Islam..

    I invite brainwashed Muslims to watch any video by David Wood on YouTube. I've never seen how one man can tear this mentally retarded ideology into so many shreds. Well worth watching.
  4. Libnene Qu7

    You bet ;)

    You bet ;)
  5. Libnene Qu7

    Christianity is Self-Destructive

    Yes of course, Christianity should learn from Islam on how to be victorious in wars and a promoter and spreader of advanced culture and humane societies. Many wonderful examples spring to mind such as Somalia and Mauritania. Of course, one can never forget the peaceful mountainous people of...
  6. Libnene Qu7

    Syria War in Syria - 2020 [Stalemate]

    I don't know why free-minded Lebanese need to take sides between Erdogan and Assad pummeling it out against each other. Let us enjoy the show as one enjoys an Arsenal vs Tottenham football match. No one in their right mind would actually support one of these teams, but one can expect a good...
  7. Libnene Qu7

    American Interests in Lebanon: What Has the US Done for Us?

    Please send us a selfie of your smile when you recieve Lira or Iranian Riyal for compensation of your hard work. 7aj t2ar2e3.
  8. Libnene Qu7

    Samir Geagea Health Issues - How Might It Affect the LF and Lebanon?

    Millions of people die from cancer every year. So what if he does? He's not more important than those who die from cancer, especially ones who never killed, tortured, and imprisoned.
  9. Libnene Qu7

    American Interests in Lebanon: What Has the US Done for Us?

    You don't want good relations with the US and yet you crave with blind desperation American currency.
  10. Libnene Qu7

    Hitler Good Or Bad?

    Even if Hitler somehow managed to shoot rainbows and butterflies from his ass, how can anything cover for his evil acts?
  11. Libnene Qu7

    Hitler Good Or Bad?

    True, so many posers claimed they would kill him. But only he succeeded.
  12. Libnene Qu7

    Hariri Family Legacy vs. Aounists' Accusations

    Lebanon is one of the world's most corrupt countries. Ask anyone and they will not only tell you of the corrupt "big names", but also their relatives, friends, contractors, and consultants who joined in the corruption. And yet, not a single corruption case to be had since 1990... So ultimately...
  13. Libnene Qu7

    Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah Calls for the Boycott of American Products

    I am saddened by SHN's last speech as he used to be someone who's every word and utterance held great meaning. He's not like that anymore and is slowly sliding into typical populist speech making. This is not the SHN we know, something's changed.
  14. Libnene Qu7

    Who/what is Allah?

    Fi mokh bas mokh kharban.
  15. Libnene Qu7

    Who/what is Allah?

    Mafi allah. Problem solved. You're welcome.
  16. Libnene Qu7

    Driver alleged to have killed four kids ran a red light and was on the wrong side of the road, say cops and witnesses

    What a tragedy... I can't even imagine the pain of the parents. That mother is the strongest person I've ever seen.
  17. Libnene Qu7

    Radio One Lebanon shut down

    This station has been suffering financially for many years. Bad management, wrong business decisions, and infighting between the Kaspar brothers is what closed it down, not the current situation.
  18. Libnene Qu7

    Kobe Bryant, 41, dies in helicopter crash in Calabasas, California

    Saddest ****ing news... I can't believe it.
  19. Libnene Qu7

    New Government Formation - Updates and Discussions [Government Is Formed]

    The political elite has learned nothing, absolutely nothing. They are so out of touch with reality that one can only expect the country to descend further into oblivion. I'm starting to think that a military interim government would actually be a good idea.