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  1. Stormie

    October 17 Revolution

    pro Hariri Pro zionists and pro Geagea took over this forum. so sad
  2. Stormie

    October 17 Revolution

    Do you see FPMers? even the little zionist is aligned with the pro saudis against you
  3. Stormie

    October 17 Revolution

    who cares about oil man, survive the moment
  4. Stormie

    October 17 Revolution

    The attack is bigger than FPM to withstand. Watch Alarabieh, Al jadeed, NBN, and other media outlets and you will understand all of the attacks are coming from pro Saudis media outlets.
  5. Stormie

    October 17 Revolution

    Wael Abu Faour, Samir Geaga and Najib Migati, and the rest attacking Bassil for little small stuff that has nothing to do with all of the corruptions that have been going on for 30 years. They all are attacking bassil just as a cover for their billions of dollars of stealing from the Lebanese...
  6. Stormie

    October 17 Revolution

    إلى روح الشهيد مهدي عامل نهدي لك ترنح الطائفيه Raef Saad
  7. Stormie

    Support Samir Geagea for President. Make Lebanon Great Again.

    You zionist murder don't get involved in Lebanese politics.
  8. Stormie

    October 17 Revolution

    Fun statistics The least corrupt countries of the world, top 10: Denmark New Zealand Finland Singapore******* Look in Asia Sweden Switzerland Norway Netherlands Canada Luxembourg The most Corrupt Countries in the world, top 10: 1. Somalia....No surprise 2. Syria....somewhat surprise 3. South...
  9. Stormie

    Lebanon’s Prime Minister Gave $16 Million to South African Model

    The arabs are so generous when it comes to hookers
  10. Stormie

    2 dead in Aley clashes. Minister Gharib convoy shot at

    The guy is desperate with his assessments and analysis ينقل شاهد عيان عن زعيم المختارة (النائب وليد جنبلاط) قوله في سهرة عائلية جمعت المقربين منه قبل أيام في دارته ما يلي: – ” ايران ستبتلع الخليجيين وبموافقة اميركية” واضاف ايضا: – ” الاميركيين خدعوا الخليجيين وورطوهم ليأخذوا منهم اموالهم ثم عند...
  11. Stormie

    Gebran Bassil - Head of FPM, Leader of the Strong Lebanon Bloc and Former Minister of Foreign Affairs

    قامين الضجه على جبران مش عشان حكى عن الفلسطيني او السوري, لاء لانه حكى عن السعودي. قوادين منافقين كل جماعة الحريري السعودي
  12. Stormie

    From the river to the sea: the inevitable end of settler colonialism in palestine

    December 04th, 2018 By Miko Peled JERUSALEM, PALESTINE — The call “From the River to the Sea, Palestine shall be Free” brings out the worst in the Zionist spokespersons. From CNN and Fox News to the various Zionist trolls and spokespersons around the world: “Aha!” they say, “The true face of...
  13. Stormie

    WC2018 FINAL - France vs. Croatia [4-2]

    France deserve it, very well organized team
  14. Stormie

    Question 2 Generations from now in Lebanon

    how come who cares is not an option?
  15. Stormie

    WC2018 Group F (Germany, Mexico, Sweden, South Korea)

    One of the best goals I have seen
  16. Stormie

    كوشنير لملك الأردن عبدالله الثاني: ندفع ديون لبنان أي مئة مليار مقابل توطين الفلسطينيين

    Would the Lebanese government agree? How would the people react? This is an article in Aldeyar newspaer, today's edition كوشنير لملك الأردن عبدالله الثاني: ندفع ديون لبنان أي مئة مليار مقابل توطين الفلسطينيين
  17. Stormie

    WC2018 Group B (Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Iran)

    can the Arabs win in anything
  18. Stormie

    WC2018 Group A (Russia, Uruguay, Egypt, Saudi Arabia)

    Charles Abi Nader 17 hrs · اليوم ابو علي بوتين صلب إيدو عا وجهو بالخمسة مش بالتلاتة .