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  1. NewLeb

    Christianity is Self-Destructive

    A common Christian talking point is that Christianity is uniquely different from Judaism and Islam in terms of how the second oldest Abrahamic faith approaches the political question. “Render unto Ceaser.” Yes, these are the first famous words uttered by Jesus when answering the Jew’s questions...
  2. NewLeb

    Who/what is Allah?

    Part I. There seems to be a lot of ignorance and confusion among the general peoples (even among Muslims) in respect to the nature of Allah. Most view Him as a god, whether it be the same Abrahamic god that’s worshipped by Christians or Jews; or a completely different idea of a god as invented...
  3. NewLeb

    Myth...or Fact?

    Given that the ocean is vast and comprises most of the Earth, there’s a very good possibility that there are lands underneath that may have sunk during the course of the world’s history. One of these phantom islands is called Anitillia: Another famous one is known to us by Plato: the...
  4. NewLeb

    Positive role of Iran?

    In its decades long “ties” with the Middle East, has Iran been a positive force? We keep hearing from Hezbollah and its allies how Persia has done so much for the Arab world, including Lebanon, but is that really the case? I mean, sure, they’ve sent Shiite groups throughout the region weapons...