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  1. Impera

    Lebanon's First Hockey Team ❤️

    Never watched the sport but I love the initiative. Lebanon’s First Hockey Team A group of Lebanese Montrealers who love to play hockey have decided to get organized and form Lebanon’s first hockey team. There’s still no formal structure but they have already played a couple of exhibition...
  2. Impera

    Announcements If Zionists are allowed to sign-in and post, why ban Hameed?

    I'm all for free speech, especially in debates and discussion. It allows you to step into the other side's tiny world and see what they think, why they think that way and what do they base their dogma on. It's very informative, not often you can meet people from various backgrounds and have the...
  3. Impera

    Scientist Fired By Google Speaks Out

    This has been in the works for a long long time. I could harp on the subject but I'll just say this, the majority in the West has been subject to mental emasculation since decades. The majority must always be painted as racist and oppressive and minorities are its eternal victims!
  4. Impera

    Deep Into Transhumanism

  5. Impera

    Aïshti: The Saga of Privatizing Public Property Continues

    الدولة في خدمة "آيشتي" الدولة أقرّت إشغال الأملاك البحريّة لصالح "ايشتي" "ايشتي" كافأت أحد الوزراء على مساعدتها "ليبانون ديبايت" باتت الدولة اللّبنانيّة في خدمة الشركات الضخمة، لتضع نفسها في مصاف الحكومات التي تخدم الاقتصاد المتوحّش غير آبهةٍ بأملاكها وممتلكاتها. في جلسةٍ لمجلس الوزراء يوم...
  6. Impera

    Immigrating to Canada

    So my friend is hellbent to immigrate, taking his parents with him. He has relatives in Canada who hold the Canadian citizenship since a very long time. I'm trying to dissuade him but to avail. Anyway, is it still easy to immigrate when having kin there and how long do the paperwork take?
  7. Impera

    Customizing Wooden Boxes

    Hello, I am looking to customize a cigar box. Is there a company that does professional work carving up the box and painting it or do I need to go to the local carpenter and then getting it painted somewhere else? Any input is appreciated.
  8. Impera

    Opening a Paypal Account

    Hello there, Is there a way to open a Paypal account from Lebanon? I've been calling banks and none of them can open a bank account in their foreign branches from Lebanon, I have to personally be there.
  9. Impera

    Linux Distro

    I know this is a jadal bizante and a much debated subject among the tech community. But based on experience, what's the best linux distro for everyday use. Security and privacy is paramount. Driver support, stability and practicality are mighty important as well. I would also like to install...
  10. Impera

    Books with Lebanese Chat Language

    Are there any written books written with the way Lebanese digitally chat with each other? My question is, why not? Maybe at first it would not be taken seriously by a portion of the population (older segment) but then it would pick up. That would be fun to read.
  11. Impera

    Recommend Gaming/PC Store In Lebanon

    My neighbor wants to buy a gaming desktop and wants a store (in Beirut and Mount Lebanon) that has the right balance of quality and price. Your input is appreciated.
  12. Impera

    Issues within the Melkite Catholic Church

    Apparently Patriarch Gregoir Lahham won't resign. Ghassan Saoud, who's bias when it comes to Christian issues is well-known, has written an interesting today. Can somebody validate his info? لحّام «ينشر الغسيل»: أنا باقٍ غالبية المطارنة متخرّجون من «مدرسة» لحام (أ ف ب) لكل مطران،...
  13. Impera

    Nadine Njeim Just Went Full Retard

    Nadine Njeim Takes Lebanese Women Back 100 Years: Men Should Have Premarital Sex, But Not Women Former Lebanese beauty queen and current actress Nadine Njeim recently gave an interview to a program on Future TV in which she was asked about sex for men and women in society. The conversation...
  14. Impera


  15. Impera

    Man stabbed fatally in Achrafieh - Feb 16 2016

    الشاب مارسيلينو زاماطا (مواليد عام 1982 – زحلة) كان برفقة خطيبته في السيارة ناحية السوديكو، حين تعرض شابان على دراجة نارية للفتاة بعبارات مسيئة، ما حذا بمارسيلينو للرد عليهما، وسرعان ما تطور التلاسن إلى إشكال بين مارسيلينو والشابين الذين طعناه عدة مرات بجسمه نقل على أثره إلى مستشفى رزق ليفارق...
  16. Impera

    Can the Lebanese Society Be Democratized?

    No, I don't mean the US's "democracy" export or the Lebanese communities abroad. On paper, Lebanon is an abode to two main religions, Christianity and Islam with 17-18 sects branched out of them. But in reality, it's just one religion with multiple sects, and that religion is Zaimism. The...
  17. Impera

    WikiLeaks, Drugs and Lebanese Politicians

    WikiLeaks, Drugs and Lebanese Politicians The Lebanese have been circulating a video – The Lebanese Forces supporters seriously, almost everyone else sarcastically – of the Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea warning the youth about drugs and their repercussions on society [note the...
  18. Impera

    Lebanese Digital Media Ownership

    Who owns the main websites that provide the Lebanese with daily political news? Sites like ElNashra, LebanonDebate (LF?), LebanonFiles etc. Some try to market themselves as independent but follow the money trail, they're actually owned by a political party. Any credible input is appreciated.
  19. Impera

    The Museum of Art and History – Beirut 2019

    Just like art is immortal, some of our politicians are and have been in the same position for ages. Dictators, popes and presidents come and go, empires fall and we still have the same political class in Lebanon. Marie-Josee Rizkallah is hoping that things will change by 2019 and imagined a...