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    Informational TED Talks that you like

    Post your favorite TED (or other conference / presentation) videos here. Kicking it off with one of my favorite TED presenters: Hans Rosling - the washing machine.
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    Blog us to death - Part deux

    Since the original thread was closed, let's have a new one. Share with us random stories from your everyday life. Think of this as a more elaborate version of MLIA.
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    Censorship and de-facto censorship ... where and how to draw the line?

    The issue of censorship is not new. We had in the past several cases where the government, due to political / religious pressure acted to censor journalists, writers and other artists. However, there are a few recent cases that did not seem to get enough buzz. After Al Manar aired a report on...
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    Rack-A-Node - Rosen Center for Advanced Computing - Purdue University Well ... RTFM :smile:
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    Release of Youssef Chaabane

    رئيس الجمهورية يصدر عفواً خاصاً عن المحكوم يوسف شعبان Tayyar.org From the SOLIDA report in June 2007 Read More
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    Social & Professional Networks

    Which social and professional online communities are you part of? What do you specifically like about these networks and what attracted you to them? Share your thoughts :smile:
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    When insults had class ...

    "You are drunk Sir Winston, you are disgustingly drunk." "Yes, Mrs. Braddock, I am drunk. But you, Mrs. Braddock are ugly, and disgustingly fat. But, tomorrow morning, I, Winston Churchill will be sober.” Whether in the form of linguistic class or pure wittiness, share with us the best...
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    Post-elections government & the international community

    In the past few months, some Feb14 memebers have repeated that, in the event of an 'opposition' win in the elections, 'the majority' will not participate in forming the government. In contrast, members of the 'opposition', mostly HA-affiliated politicians, have repeated the necessity of the...
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    IPTV Project in Solidere

    Does anyone have any further information on this? Much appreciated. ===================================== Orange Business Services and Solidere bring IPTV to Lebanon Orange Business Services and Solidere, the Lebanese company for the development and reconstruction of the Beirut...
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    Motivational posters ... that crack you up

    Not sure if you came across some of these motivational posters, but these originally were supposed to symbolize hope, faith, achievement and other values people tend to glorify. However, things did not go as planned, and the bored surfers decided to poke some fun into these. Use your common...
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    Hall of Fame: World Cedar Revolution Council calls the UN to investigate ...

    "العالمي لثورة الأرز" يطالب الأمم المتحدة بالتحقيق في اهتزازات الجنوب المستقبل - الثلاثاء 8 تموز 2008 - العدد 3011 - شؤون لبنانية - صفحة 6 دعا "المجلس العالمي لثورة الأرز" الأمم المتحدة الى "التحقيق بشأن الاهتزازات التي تحدث في جنوب لبنان، والتأكد من ان "حزب الله"، أو غيره من القوى...
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    National Pastafarian Congress

    In the wake of the post-ahoD settlement, and after having established the necessity for a fairer recognition of Pastafarians' presence in the Middle East and Lebanon, the Pastafarian Movement of Lebanon invites all the notable and imminent Pastafarian figures of the Lebanese society worldwide...
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    George Carlin ... died

    SANTA MONICA, Calif. (AP) — A publicist for George Carlin says the legendary comedian has died of heart failure at a hospital in Santa Monica, Calif. Jeff Abraham says Carlin went into St. John's Health Center on Sunday afternoon, complaining of chest pain. Carlin died at 5:55 p.m. PDT. He...
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    Lebanese and the supporting rituals

    Why do Lebanese take the issue of supporting football teams so dear that one is expected to support the same team from inception to death? Why is it that one is not supposed to be a Brazil supporter in 1 world cup and switch to a Germany supporter in the next? Which transitions are more...
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    Stories from Britel

    Britel is a village South West of Baalbeck that has been made famous in the past 10 to 15 years. The village's fame does not come from some cultural heritage, it comes from the fact that people from that village have been stealing luxury cars, generally from coastal cities in Lebanon, and...
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    Interesting prospect by MP Ibrahim Kanaan

    In an interesting interview with وكالة الشرق الجديد, MP Kanaan had the following to say: [...] جاء ذلك في حديث للنائب كنعان إلى "وكالة الشرق الجديد" قال فيه برأيي ان الاستشارات النيابية الملزمة لرئيس الجمهورية لتسمية رئيس الحكومة هي ملزمة بإجرائها وليست ملزمة بنتائجها المجردة، ورداً على سؤال عن...
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    New state of affairs?

    In his recent speeches MP Michel Aoun has repeated calls for the Lebanese leaders to get used to a new state of affairs. Some say the new state of affairs is the veto power to the opposition, others say it's the rule of the opposition and some are saying it's the Lebanese brotherly coexistence...
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    Home Automation

    Is anyone into home automation projects or at least interested in those? If you have done some home automation projects, what technologies did you use? Do you have any success stories?
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    Militiamen from opposition camp attack civilians in Monot

    Annahar reported the following today: مجدلاني: عناصر من الخيم اعتدت على ساهرين في بيروت سأل النائب عاطف مجدلاني "هل هناك هدف جديد للمربّع الامني الذي انشئ في وسط بيروت تحت ستار الاعتصام، عبر استخدامه قاعدة ميليشيوية تنطلق منها عناصر مسلحة لترهيب الاهالي في بيروت؟". وتحدث في تصريح امس عن...
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    Interpreting Fairuz

    هونيك في سجرة is a Fairuz song. Below are the lyrics, how do you interpret it? هونيك في سجرة ورا النبع الغميق محفور لي صورة على كعبها العتيق وضاع الهوى وتغيرت فينا الديني وبعدها الصورة ناطرة حد الطريق ومرة بفي غصونها قلبي بكي ورجعتلنا حكاية الشال الليلكي وقفة وتطليعات وشوية حكي وعصفورة...