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    Samir Geagea - The Curse of the Lebanese Christians

    I am not saying you guys are not right. I am just baffled how he could get away with something like this. On one hand he rejects the proportionality on a national scale and on another he opposes the OL. Tough times lie ahead.
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    Samir Geagea - The Curse of the Lebanese Christians

    How could a temporary alliance be more important than an existential cause? The LF have long adopted the Christian cause, and their value proposition is their long struggle fighting in the name of Christians. How does that even come close in magnitude to a temporary political alliance based on...
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    Samir Geagea - The Curse of the Lebanese Christians

    Well, it's easy to dismiss other leaders for being strictly selfish, but there is at least some belief on their part in some cause. Even if we think LF cannot get as many MPs to parliament, they are still the "largest" bloc among the remaining Christian parties (besides FPM), and given the...
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    Samir Geagea - The Curse of the Lebanese Christians

    I still don't get why Geagea did this (I disagree with Danny Z, because even though his ability to get MPs into parliament is somehow limited, he still believes he leads the Christian cause). Regardless of whether he agrees with the law proposal, why in the world would he be the one to oppose...
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    Samir Geagea - The Curse of the Lebanese Christians

    Regardless of the advantages and disadvantages of the law, one has to wonder who Geagea's advisers are and how their team came down to the conclusion that not supporting the OL is in their party's best interest. One can think of 64 ways to derail the process of getting the proposal into law, be...
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    Syria War in Syria - News and Discussions [Year 2013 Events]

    UN Sources Say Syrian Rebels — Not Assad — Used Sarin Gas ADAM CLARK ESTES 10,810 ViewsMAY 5, 2013 A member of the United Nations commission of inquiry announced on a Swiss-Italian television show that they believe the Syrian rebels have used chemical weapons on Assad's troops. "Our...
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    The Ghost nightclub incident - Dekwane

    NO, YOU ALWAYS DO THAT! ... who do you think you are to come here and preach your tolerance and spread your venomous thoughts of liberty and freedom on us? Can you please go back to Lalaland and let us spend our time applying the tolerant teachings of Christianity, Islam and the Lebanese law...
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    12 Lebanese kidnapped in Syria

    It is interesting that you see more of a moral issue with the Syrian regime not releasing prisoners in ransom and less of a moral issue with terrorist kidnapping Lebanese citizens.
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    Terrorism and the other Religions

    Another delusional thread. First of all, murder rates are not necessarily the best metric for a number of reasons, but most importantly, murder is not something any religion supports (when it comes to homicides, small-scale murders). If anything, murder rates are more correlated with poverty...
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    C&R Bloc Portfolio: Ministry of Energy & Water (2009-20..)

    Do you have some more details on how the bid is going to work? I'm curious how the Lebanese government is expecting to conduct the process. For example, based on the article above, it seems that once a bid is accepted, the oil company has absolute rights on the oil forever, which seems a bit...
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    CFA Candidates Out there?

    Both of you have been taking these exams for the past 10 years. On a more serious note, I hope the prep is going well.
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    CFA Candidates Out there?

    The CFA to Venom is like the brevet to Danny Z;.
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    Air fares should be 'pay-as-you-weigh'

    1- I am not sure how significant that extra cost is on the total fuel cost for 1 flight. I looked at the actual paper and the "Dr" does not bother to make that calculation. Also, his paper resembles more an article in USA Today than a publication in a professional journal. 2- The underlying...
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    The Santa Muerta T-shirts controversy

    Dalzi, Which part was not enough for you? Killing of the caricaturist? Burning down embassies? Which part?
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    The Fight for Same-Sex Marriage in the US

    Even if being gay is a choice, I can't see why we shouldn't respect two peoples' choice in getting married. Before getting into adoption (which is being discussed in another thread), why is this a problem to others? How does this union negatively affect the rest of society for it to ban it?
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    The Santa Muerta T-shirts controversy

    In other words, if the free spirited (whatever that means) have a picture of the prophet disfigured, you would be OK and leave them alone? It may be a stretch, but could it be that your rejection of terrorism is just a lack of means.
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    The Fight for Same-Sex Marriage in the US

    Can you please elaborate on the above? Do you mean: of all child sex abuse by men, 1/3 is against boys versus 2/3 against girls? Is that statistic in the US? And the 2-4% seems a bit low to me, are you only counting those who identify as LGBT? Are you assuming that the 1/3 of men is homo/bi...
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    Saying --- Pieces of Wisdom.

    I read this quote today, it reminded me why I keep checking this forum. "I always found your lucidity quite enthralling and often wondered how beautiful your writing would be if you used invisible ink."