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  1. gramsci

    moving to lebanon

    im considering moving to Beirut-lebanon next year ( for a brief period a year or two ) and i must consider to do a year post graduate study in the university ( Aub or Lau ) and since i must consider several factors , i need to know about : ( Beirut i mean and not any other city ) 1. is it...
  2. gramsci

    Punk culture

    What is your opinion about punk sub-culture ? Does this culture exist in lebanon.. Communist and socialist punk bands
  3. gramsci

    Islam , West , immigration

    a time ago i saw an electoral campaign pubblicity for an islamic radical paty to run on election in Tunisia . that was not in tunis obviously but here in italy .. that popped on my min lot of things ..for example : why would an immigrant in Europe vote for an islamic radical party in his...
  4. gramsci

    Things must be done to make lebanon become a normal country

    - infrastructure . -social issue . -economy -ambient -health -culture ...
  5. gramsci

    filosophical Enciclopedia and concepts

    nihilism A philosophy based on extreme skepticism. In it's most basic form (Before it was clouded by ideas involving politics, social rhetoric, sex, drugs, rock and roll etc.), which we can refer to as "epistemological nihilism", simply denies the possibility of knowledge of truth. Previous...
  6. gramsci

    Freedom for George Ibrahim Abdallah

    its time that the new forming govern in lebanon mobilitize its diplomacy to free the comerade George Ibrahim Abdallah.. Freedom for Georges Ibrahim Abdallah | The Struggle Goes On
  7. gramsci

    Women emancipation under socialism states

    working women in the DDR Подборка фотографии представительниц прекрасного пола из ГДР
  8. gramsci


    since nasrallah hold under his control the political scene .. Its time to expose him and his lies that most of lebanese doesn't dare to comment about .. 1- the syrian wissaye era , given his special relation with syrians , he kept silent regarding all the excesses made by the syrian occupation...
  9. gramsci

    Are we heading to a war between iran and israel

    A scary scenario if it happen , most definitely the conflict will be internationalized.. EU and USA wont let israel face it alone against the shia axis . What will be Russia position ? The various jarabs countries ?
  10. gramsci

    is NATO preparing for a large scale war in east europe ?

    War Preparation : U.S and NATO 'Preparing to Start a War' - Is Happening In Romania (video) - News Prepper
  11. gramsci

    What is happening in Armenia? [Clashes between Azerbaijan and Armenia in Nagorno-Karabakh]

    looks like another coloured coup is on the make in armenia against the pro putin president .
  12. gramsci

    Jugoslavia war

    Jugoslavia war was the first war after the collapse of the socialist front . islamic radicalism with the help of american administration tried for the first time to push the war into Europe through the balkan front .. with the serbian resistance the islamo fascist- Nato agression was stopped ...
  13. gramsci

    Siege of Vienna 1683

    just came back from Vienna , standind inside StephanDom , realize the greatness of the victory against the ottoman invaders .. one question popped on my mind when i was there .. what would it be if history turned differently . and in this battle the ottoman won , what would be Europe now .. its...
  14. gramsci

    Lebanese immigration and diaspora : the negative side.

    Lebanese immigrants gangs caught on fight in Duisburg - germany About 80 members of rival Turkish, Kurdish and Lebanese gangs descended upon the center of the German city of Duisburg to fight one another with machetes, metal pipes, and other makeshift weapons, local media report. However, the...
  15. gramsci

    Parliamentary elections 2018 LCP candidates

    عقدت الأستاذة سهام أنطون المرشحة عن مقعد الروم الكاثوليك في دائرة بعلبك الهرمل لقاءً انتخابياً في بلدة اللبوة ظهر اليوم الأحد ١٨ اذار الجاري. وقد عرضت أنطون خلال اللقاء برنامجها الانتخابي، مؤكدة على ضرورة المساواة وفعالية مشاركة المرأة في الاستحقاق الانتخابي المقبل. واختتم اللقاء بنقاش مستفيض...
  16. gramsci

    Sarkozy libyan affair

    Ghost of Gaddafi coming back to haunt Sarkozy - with threat of prison term - Independent.ie
  17. gramsci

    Made in Lebanon

    Im curious to know more about what Lebanon produces, and in which sector Lebanese products are an excellency to export world wide.
  18. gramsci

    converting shia and druze into christianity

    Few days ago , we were discussing with friends about lebanon and middle east .. and it popped up a possible solution for the lebanese issue .. the multisectarian nature of lebanon make it ungovernable .. and since the mainstream religions are christian and muslim .. we thought that converting...
  19. gramsci

    Deep into marxism

    "philosophers have sought to understand the world; the point, however, is to change it." Marx raccommended introductory lecture : How to Change the World: Tales of Marx and Marxism by Eric Hobsbawm – review
  20. gramsci

    Syrian occupation or brotherly presence

    i was thinking today about it .. the crimes of syrian regime in lebanon are numbered . the effect of this fascist style occupation to lebanon still evident in many aspect of lebanese cultural and political life .. my question is , can the lebanese people overcome this dark period of its history...