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  1. NewB

    Clinton Emails Release - Get in here for Lebanon Research

    Hello Everyone The 3k+ clinton private emails have been released online. I started going through them, and there is a lot of material on Lebanon, Syria and the political situation (Electricity, Aoun, Bassil, Mikati, Hairi, HA, etc..). Please share your findings...
  2. NewB

    Jewish Song with a Lebanese Music Melody?

    Hey Everyone, I listened to this song, and it sounds very familiar.....as if it's a lebanese/arabic song but I can't figure it out. I might be losing it, but I'm hoping someone can identify the similarity. Disclaimer: This is strictly a music question. Please keep politics/religion out...
  3. NewB

    The New Yorker: Hariri strapped to a chair and slapped in KSA

    I'm surprised this hasn't made it to Lebanese media yet.
  4. NewB

    Almaza Beer

    My friend visited Lebanon and fell in love with Almaza beer. Unfortunately they don't have Almaza in Canada so what other beers might be close in taste ?
  5. NewB

    Dozens killed in Nigeria market bombing - Boko Haram

    Dozens killed in Nigeria market bombing At least 32 people have been killed and dozens more wounded in a blast at a market in the northeastern Nigerian city of Yola, the Red Cross and National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) said. The explosion occurred at a fruit and vegetable market...
  6. NewB

    Yet another animal cruelty act

    WARNING: Video is extremely brutal This should be spread so that the culprits can be brought to justice. This isn't the first video to come out of Lebanon which includes animal cruelty. L3ama how can you do something so cruel. You want horriyi and revolution ? Teach your kids to be...
  7. NewB

    Why are the Lebanese racist ?

    I came across this video that highlights Lebanese racism at its best. I thought my generation was racist because we grew up during a civil war and everyone at the time had issues. But to see kids thinking like that makes me sick to my stomach. What if they came to Canada or the US and they...
  8. NewB

    Syrian/Iranian weapons intercepted by IDF

    Captured missiles: Similar to those used by Hezbollah in 2006 Syrian-made M-302 missles, which have operating range that could strike nearly anywhere in Israel, now in possession of IDF. The Shayetet fighters which raided the KLOS-C transport ship in the early morning hours of Wednesday...
  9. NewB

    Marwan Charbel - انا صار لازم ودعكن

    الوزير مروان شربل : انا صار لازم ودعكن mt2hKs1hXug Now that the Minister of the Interior has been replaced, what did Marwan Charbel do for Lebanon ? Everyone nicknamed him abu melhem, but did he actually improve the ministry and the police force ?
  10. NewB

    Lebanese TV (LBC) allowed onto IAF base to send Hezbollah a message

    Lebanese TV allowed onto IAF base to send Hezbollah a message In rare use of public media, Israeli air force allow Lebanese television network to film inside base, interview IAF commander in bid to send Hezbollah a clear, direct threat. A Lebanese network was given rare and unprecedented...
  11. NewB

    اعتداء قوى الامن الداخلي على مواطن لبنان&#1610

    اعتداء قوى الامن الداخلي على مواطن لبناني ضرير ما سوف تشاهدونه ليس في افريفيا او اي دولة اخرى من الدول التي تحكمها القبائل، ولكنه في لبنان هذه الدولة التي قيل لنا أنها تتمتع بسيادة واستقلال وتسمى دولة القانون والحريات. الجزء الاخر هو الضحية الذي تعرض للضرب وهو ضرير، والإعتداء عليه لم يكن لأنه...
  12. NewB

    Should the MOT provide the ISF with the complete data of internet users in Lebanon ?

    الأخبار تحقيق أم تجسّس؟ جان عزيز - أياً كانت «التسوية» التي أمكن التوصل إليها بين الجهاز الأمني التابع لقوى الأمن الداخلي والحكومة اللبنانية، عبر وزارة الاتصالات، حول طلب الأول استباحة حقوق اللبنانيين وانتهاك حياتهم الخاصة، يظل من الضروري العودة إلى أصل المشكلة. فعلى عكس بعض...
  13. NewB

    Baalbek an Alien launch pad

    I've been watching the History Channel's "Ancient Aliens". They have an episode on Baalbeck, Lebanon and how there is a theory that it used to be an alien launch pad for extraterrestrial exploration. Anyways I never heard this before so I started googling online and came up with some links...
  14. NewB

    Lebanese businessmen a new target

    أميركا تلاحق اللبنانيّين في أفريقيا: أنغولا «ترحّل» شركة تاج الدين بطلب أميركي، جمّدت أنغولا الأنشطة الاقتصادية لعائلة تاج الدين اللبنانية، بعد أقل من عامين على إدراج اسم أحد أفرادها على لائحة الإرهاب الأميركية، وبعد أشهر على أزمة البنك اللبناني ــ الكندي. فهل خرج عدوان الموساد و«الأف بي...
  15. NewB

    صناع الفتنة و الكذب

    disinformation warning 16:24 الـ"او. تي. في." تنفي ادعاءات تطويق مكتب عبد المنعم يوسف وهو كان في اجتماع عمل لما قصدته ل 16:08 "اخبار المستقبل": عناصر في حزب الله والتيار العوني يشاركون في تطويق مكتب عبد المنعم يوسف 15:45 بن جاسم واوغلو غادرا بعبدا من دون الادلاء باي تصريح
  16. NewB

    Female soldiers break their silence [IDF abuses]

    This shouldn't be a shocker to anyone, but will the west see these abuses ?
  17. NewB

    Information Technology Salaries in Lebanon

    Hi My question is very straightforward. I've never worked in leb and I don't know the industry. How much do people in the following positions get paid monthly ? do they get benefits ? any perks ? 1) .Net Programmer (c#,vb.net asp.net, sql): 2-3 years experience 2) .Net Programmer...
  18. NewB

    Salafi threat

    What do you guys think about salafists joining the fight in tripoli ? What will happen if they start spreading, and jund al sham or those style of organizations start targeting muslims and christians in lebanon ? We all heard people on TV asking for bin laden. Most of us read posts on...
  19. NewB

    القاضي جان فهد ادعى على ثلاثة ضباط و16 عسكري&#

    القاضي جان فهد ادعى على ثلاثة ضباط و16 عسكري&a source: http://www.tayyar.org/tayyar/articles-40091-news.html So they are prosecuting those who were carrying unlicensed weapons, or fought with the army...good. Now what about the ones in Aramoun who opened fire on buildings ? What...
  20. NewB

    علاقة المرشد في فتح الإسلام "أبو بكر" بصهر

    So he used a police vehicle, and that confirms the stories about fateh balout moving from 3ayn il hilwi to naher il bared. What will fatfat and his masters say now ?