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  1. SoFP1

    Living Under Shia's (الشيعية السياسيه) Dominance over Lebanon

    Let's not beat around the bush anymore, our country is wholly controlled by the shia duo. Nothing happens in the country without their approval. The Shia Duo control the country's finances (MoF), security, the decision or war and peace, even demarcation of sea borders had to have TSD's (The Shia...
  2. SoFP1

    Lebanese - Israeli Relations

    We all know that Lebanon is officially at war with Israel. However, with the new developments in the region and the UAE - Israeli peace treaty as well as other expected Arab peace deals with Israel, one wonders what is the next step for Lebanese - Israeli relations. Nothing lasts forever...
  3. SoFP1

    The Hizbollah حزب الله‎ Official Thread (News, Updates and General Discussions)

    Since this party is, as they say themselves, bigger than Lebanon, a regional power and therefore bigger than the Lebanese state, it deserves a thread of its own (معزز مكرم). I will begin with the following recent event:
  4. SoFP1

    Discussing the Government's Financial Reform Program

    This is a leaked document, detailing the government's reform plan. It encompasses a lot fo changes, raises in corporate tax to VAT and other direct and indirect taxes amongst other reforms. What do you guys think? Your comments and analysis are welcome. Click on the link and you can download...
  5. SoFP1

    Marcel Ghanem making fun of Nurses?

    Marcel Ghanem, on his show last night, made fun of a request from some nurses asking for help in getting lodging close to the hospitals they serve in since they can't go back home and risk infecting their families. His is well known in licking his rich masters' boots and polishing the...
  6. SoFP1

    The F1 Thread

    2020 is not looking great with the Corona Virus. Vietnam doesn't seem to be wanting to host Europeans!
  7. SoFP1

    The NBA Thread

    I love watching NBA games. Some new talent coming on and some veterans are leaving. I'll start with tonight's pregame warm up for The King himself:
  8. SoFP1

    Lebanon Asks IMF for Help in Restructuring Debt / Lebanon's Financial Dilemma

    Le Liban va officiellement demander l'aide du FMI pour restructurer sa dette publique, annonce une source gouvernementale Le Liban va officiellement demander l'aide du FMI pour restructurer sa dette publique, annonce une source gouvernementale Le logo du Fonds monétaire international. Photo...
  9. SoFP1

    Limiting Terms For All 3 Major National Positions

    In order to limit corruption when it's roots come primarily from holding leading positions for decades, I propose the following: 1- Limit to 2 terms per lifetime of the role of Speaker of The parliament. (رئيس مجلس النواب). No matter how long or short it is. 2- Limit to 2 terms per lifetime of...