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  1. Genius

    peace activism

    Hi all My friend and I have been talking about making some change in the crazy world we are in. With our focus on our roots, Lebanon and the Middle East, we would also like to make changes anywhere we can. Africa, South America, Asia ... We have been witnessing corruption, wars...
  2. Genius

    Lebanese deserve no better

    My conclusion to this electoral circus Lebanese people do not deserve any better future Lebanese people are stuck in their feudal sectarian little mind The votes showed it I thought after 15 years with no war, they would understand what is the problem in Lebanon but they didnt ... they...
  3. Genius

    Change of tone on future and nahar

    Funny I have been browsing through AlMustaqbal and naharnet these last 2 days, and their tone seems to calm down a little bit What happened? I used to look at the first page where attacks on GMA and FPM in the main headlines and taken out of context Last 2 days ... very quiet ...
  4. Genius

    Empty seat in Metn for Gabriel Murr !!

    GMA and FPM took so much abuse of media, lies and propagandas that GMA is allying in Metn with Michel el Murr and SSNP and and and ... So many unfounded lies, please go on the tayyar.org page and read what Gabriel El Murr said about GMA ... It is clear the empty orthodox seat in Metn is...
  5. Genius

    FPM you are going in the wrong direction

    FIRST this is positive criticism !! please take it with objectivity and good sense I have noticed lately some FPM members and forum members get all excited and nervous about any article in any newspaper and make a deal of it and call the journalists names etc What is that? What do you...
  6. Genius

    Saad Rafik Hariri says the opposition is certain to win between 80 and 90 seats

    PLease help me understand this guy IS he counting Hizbullah and Berri as opposition ? LOOL Did he and Bahiia forgot the Ain el Tineh ? The group that opposed to the syrian withdrawal and the resignation of the intelligence? So The hariri family prefer to ally with Berri (who is the...
  7. Genius

    Oppose a Ma7daleh by constructing a Ma7daleh

    Look around you, sooo many opposed to the current situation, sooo many minorities frustrated HOWEVER How do they each express the frustrations? BOYCOTT !! That s the mistake right there .. UNITE all these minorities, Form a Ma7daleh. a Force to change and you will topple the...
  8. Genius

    Seat number/Kada2

    Does anyone have information about seats number / Kada2? Also the 2000 election law, how exactly does it divide regions? Tks
  9. Genius

    the only solution to FPM - now and forever

    I see Tsunamis left and right, Alliances between groups that have no programs and politicaly and ideologicaly can never meet Hariri is a CAPITALIST, teaming up with Beik which is a SOCIALIST, LF are phalangist right wings, teaming up with Joumblatt socialist ... thats the proof these...
  10. Genius

    international observers? decent elections?

    Anybody looked at these observers role? Beside the Election law being a complete disaster I wonder if the elections would be like usual full of bribery or threats. Do you think the price will remain the same? 100$/vote ?
  11. Genius

    FPM Focus

    I have been reading the forum lately and I have seen a lot of FPM members waisting time on following what some of the most corrupt and traitors politicians on TV saying. What the FPM should FOCUS on is how to have a decent electoral law in order for all of Lebanon to be represented in a...
  12. Genius

    Brek news: Al Jazeera Threatened in Beirout

    Just read that the Jazeera office in Beirut has been threatened and that their building will be attacked by bombs if they keep covering the explosions against Lebanese in Baouchrieh etc ... It s getting more and more interesting -