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  1. doc

    Who will Crush Who in Metn?

    I don't know about you guys, but there's an MP i'd like to have on our lists: i 've had enough of conventional lebanese politics, i want someone straight forward , with great ideas, with passion and imagination:in one word an artist I name Ziad el Rahbani
  2. doc

    Quels sont vos poèmes Preférés sur l'Amour?

    Nous avons tous lu ou mémorisé des poèmes parlant d'amour qui nous ont touchés,que nous soyons amoureux ou pas au moment où nous les avons lus.... Ils ont pu nous émouvoir, nous transporter, nous faire rêver,réveiller cette force et en même temps cette faiblesse en nous qu'est cet étrange...
  3. doc

    What's wrong with all of you?!!!!

    I am very surprised by this desperate and angry attitude i'm seeing on the forum. What happened to all of you ,acting like spoiled brats who lost their toy!!!You thought that in politics you always win? You're with FPM to have your own president? You think you live in a country where democracy...
  4. doc

    start being offensive

    I don't know about you but i'm fed up with: 1-being called pro-syrian opposition in the international media 2-having every truth concerning us twisted to darken our image 3-having the feeling of being misunderstood by the independents or worst, not being heard at all...