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  1. Rye

    Harirists are breaching UN resolution 1701

    harirists... they made our life hell for the last 20 years. not only they brought misery to every single Lebanese (mostly to their followers) they also caused the intervention of international powers further into the country. in the same context sanioura and saad were major supporters to UN...
  2. Rye

    The Telephone Database!

    to 14ers and their alikes! to fere3 el ma3loumet, wissam hassan and his alikes! to ISF, ashraf rifi and his alikes! to the Minister of telecommunications! I do not give anyone the permission to check the database of my telephone calls nor do i accept any of my personal information be revealed...
  3. Rye

    14ers yellow journalism, uncountifyable lies, daily propaganda and media trash!

    call it yellow journalism, propaganda, lies, or media trash, amazingly the 14ers media managed to become all of them. they usually justify what they do as the tools of the trade and as a necessity to succeed in politics. i would understand someone throwing a lie or 2 but can anyone convince me...
  4. Rye

    Harirism... No. 1 winners!

    as sarcastic as it sounds, yes harirism (sr. & jr.)* have been nothing but no. 1 hypocrites. they spend millions to show one thing when actually they are the total opposite. no wonder they have no public support anymore which is not because they lost power, rather because of their constant...
  5. Rye

    Does Riad Salemeh Deserve Another Term?!?!?

    in our economics class we came to learn that the change of the central bank ruler in any country is a scary sign for all investors due to the fact that they don't know the policy of the new ruler in addition to several other reasons. Having however a ruler that commits such an act under the...
  6. Rye

    Saad Hariri: دفعنا دماً لتقام هذه العلاقات»

    hariri... who are you fooling? الحريري رحب بفتح السفارة في سوريا: "بداية مسار دفعنا من أجله دما" رحب النائب سعد الحريري ابرز اركان الاكثرية في لبنان بفتح السفارة اللبنانية في سوريا معتبرا انها "بداية مسار دفعنا من اجله دما"، واكد ان المطلوب من سوريا "التعامل بندية مع لبنان وعدم التدخل في...
  7. Rye

    مي شدياق للترشح في كسروان؟

    أشار مصدر قواتي إلى احتمال ترشيح الإعلامية مي شدياق عن دائرة كسروان في الانتخابات المقبلة، مشيراً إلى أن شدياق، في حال ترشيحها، ستمثّل القوات اللبنانية، علماً بأن هذا الترشيح سينعكس سلباً على بعض المسؤولين القواتيين الذين يطمحون إلى تمثيل حزبهم في هذه الدائرة. With all due respect to her living...
  8. Rye

    Wanted in United Arab Emirates (Ras El Khema)

    for a big contructions and design group: 3 civil engineers (roads and Buildings) 3 electrical engineers (Sight & Drawing) 3 Foremen 3 Draftsmen (topograph) for serious inquiries PM me pls.
  9. Rye

    URGENT! BLOOD NEEDED: AB-. J3itawi Hospital.

    Please help a person in need! blood donation: Hospital: Gi3tawi Blood Type: AB- Tel: 03-726691 Patient: Georges Yaghi thanks!
  10. Rye

    Why is GMS insisting on Elias El Murr and particularly for the Ministry of defence?

    نقلت بعض الأنباء أن رئيس الجمهورية ميشال سليمان يرفض التخلّي عن توزير الياس المرّ في حقيبة الدفاع ردّاً على إقتراح إعطائها للعماد عون بدلاً من وزارة المال كون الأخير يصرّ على إعطاء وزارة سيادية للطائفة المسيحية عبر كتلته النيابية الأوسع تمثيل isn't it a little weird? GMS is supposed to be...
  11. Rye

    Safadi, the new prime minister?

    since a road plan has been set to the solution of the current crisis of Lebanon. and since it was decided that GMS would be the President of Lebanon. knowing that the last is not the representative of the Christians politically. to be fair there should be a none-representing prime minister in...
  12. Rye

    مستشار السنيورة يتحدث عن اشلاء العماد عو&#1606

    the only group i see scattered is the future movement along with it's thugs and radwan's look alikes. we dare you to go to elections and stop your masters along with their puppets from stalling the elections law. one and only one thing scares u, which is the rule of the people! you guys are...
  13. Rye

    Samir Geagea suggested today Arab Coalition Forces to come to Lebanon

    As if we have never learned from our past! that coming from SG goes beyond belief. if SH or WJ asked it i can understand... but coming from LF is really really spooky... (to say the least) Samir Farid Geagea what are you up to?
  14. Rye

    What is the target behind pressuring the Lebanese Army?

    The Lebanese Army is for all. We all know they are interfering if any of the armed parties shoot civilians. and the LA is not interfering in the clashes going on between the too camps to avoid becoming a third party in the clash and consequently get to the level of being a third party that...
  15. Rye

    why fight? The Solution is simple...

    After today's clashes and after the radical change in the situation in Lebanon, i believe one and only peaceful solution can be done: New parliamentary elections. we never stop hearing that FPM lost its popularity. we never stop hearing various types of propaganda against FPM and the...
  16. Rye

    الحكومة اللبنانية تتجه للتعويض على مجموع

    الراي وافقت وزارة المالية في لبنان على تعويض مجموعة الخرافي بقيمة 3.3 مليار ليرة لبنانية (2.2 مليون دولار أميركي) عن الخسائر التي تكبّدتها بسبب عدم التزام الادارة بتنفيذ التزاماتها العقدية لجهة عدم تشغيل مواقف السيارات في حرم مطار الشهيد رفيق الحريري الدولي ولجهة عدم منع ايقاف السيارات خارج...
  17. Rye

    Rafiq Hariri economic reform plan: an economic disaster!

    I read this today on al nashra: The formula is simple. Banks give loans to medium and small businesses who invest in the country, create jobs and reproduce the middles class who are the movers in all economies of the world. What did Hariri Sr. do? The above formula was substituted...
  18. Rye

    Just wondering... Who will Jumblat attack?

    after hearing jumblat out, a question kept echoing in my mind; who will he be attacking if a war erupts? we all know jumblat is a coward. he is very much like his earlier masters the syrians. he can only attack those without weapons. his history in attacking showed the type of national hero...
  19. Rye

    Will the Druze community survive?

    Watching WJ taking his followers to extremes; creating a nonexistent conflict with Shiites, accusing HA with the assassinations, supporting offenders of Christians, blocking the real representatives of Christians to hold power, ordering his supporters to fire-to-kill road blockaders… It is...
  20. Rye

    New online poll for Lebanese Presidency

    http://www.elnashra.com/pollsresult.php?poll_id=12 Results so far: من ترشح للانتخابات الرئاسية ؟ أمين الجميل (0.90 %) 5 صوت بطرس حرب (1.62 %) 9 صوت جان عبيد (0.18 %) 1 صوت جوني عبدو (1.44 %) 8 صوت روبير غانم (0.36 %) 2 صوت رياض سلامة (0.54 %) 3 صوت سمير جعجع...