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  1. Venom

    Cabinet meeting, 9 July 2015 - News and Updates

    النشرة:اشكال داخل جلسة الحكومة بين باسيل وسلام على خلفية تفسير الدستور
  2. Venom

    Historic meeting between Pope Francis and Russian Orthodox

    Historic meeting between Pope Francis and Russian Orthodox head 'getting closer' An historic meeting between Pope Francis and Patriarch Kirill of the Russian Orthodox Church is "getting closer every day," a senior Orthodox prelate has said. The unprecedented meeting would be a significant...
  3. Venom

    Pages related to Saudi Arabia's alleged role in 9/11 blank by the CIA

    Pages related to Saudi Arabia's alleged role in 9/11 blank by the CIA - The US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has blocked out almost all sections related to Saudi Arabia’s alleged role in 9/11 from a newly-released document on the agency’s “systemic problems” ahead of the attacks. The CIA’s...
  4. Venom

    Turkish General Elections 2015

    Happening today, big chances that AK Party might not get the majority to form a government on their own if HDP Kurdish Party gets more than than 10% threshold to enter the parliament which most of the polls are expecting that to happen...
  5. Venom

    Dr. Samir Geagea meets General Michel Aoun at Rabieh, 2 June 2015 - Photo inside

    Geagea is now meeting Aoun in Rabieh... OTV
  6. Venom

    Shooting reported at Paris magazine Charlie Hebdo

    Several people have been killed by armed gunmen in a shooting at the Paris offices of a satirical magazine, according to French media reports. Shooting was heard at the headquarters of Charlie Hebdo, a satirical magazine known for publishing controversial cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed in...
  7. Venom

    Saudi national airline to ban gender-mixing

    Saudi Arabia’s national carrier Saudia intends to ban gender-mixing aboard all its flights in line with rules enforced by the conservative Gulf kingdom. The airlines said it decided to act following recurrent complaints from passengers objecting to have males seated next to their wives and...
  8. Venom

    Record 17,000 anti-Islamic protesters rally against 'Islamisation' in Germany

    A record 17,000 anti-Islamic protesters took to the streets of Dresden in eastern Germany on Monday, marking their tenth demonstration against the rising Islamisation of the West. The 'Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the Occident' or PEGIDA protesters were gathered outside the...
  9. Venom

    Real Madrid removing the cross for money

    Real Madrid drop Christian cross from club crest in Middle East Real Madrid have removed the traditional Christian cross from their official club crest after signing a lucrative three-year deal with the National Bank of Abu Dhabi. The crest, which was originally designed in 1931, usually...
  10. Venom

    Iran has decided to offer to arm the Lebanese Army military

    شمخاني بعد لقائه سلام: ايران قررا تقديم هبة عسكرية للجيش اللبناني
  11. Venom

    The Christians of Iraq in Hazmieh churches need your help

    I received this message, hope this could help them Please forward : Dear All, Christians who have been persecuted in Mossoul-Iraq have found refuge in 2 churches in Hazmieh yesterday night. They came with ABSOLUTELY nothing and are in desperate need for our help. we need to urgently...
  12. Venom

    Israel Gives Privileges to Palestinian Christians

    Israel Gives Privileges to Palestinian Christians A discriminatory law in Israel that distinguishes Palestinian Christians from Muslims has prompted intense criticism from local citizens. The measure — which Israel’s legislative body, the Knesset, passed on February 24 — officially recognizes...
  13. Venom

    Gulf ambassadors pulled from Qatar

    Gulf ambassadors pulled from Qatar Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the UAE have withdrawn their ambassadors from Qatar amid accusations that it has meddled in internal affairs The three countries, who are all part of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) along with Qatar, made the joint statement...
  14. Venom

    Tesla Motors

    Tesla Motors, Inc. is an American company that designs, manufactures and sells electric cars and electric vehicle powertrain components.[3] Tesla Motors is a public company that trades on the NASDAQ stock exchange under the symbol TSLA.[4] After 10 years, Tesla posted profits for the first time...
  15. Venom

    Islamic extremism to blame as Christian deaths nearly double in a year

    Islamic extremism to blame as Christian deaths nearly double in a year At least 2,100 Christians because of their beliefs in 2013 according to a group monitoring persecution of Christians worldwide. Most of the dead were in Syria, where radical Islamist groups have clamped down on a...
  16. Venom

    Kaliningrad: European fears over Russian missiles

    Kaliningrad: European fears over Russian missiles European countries bordering Russia's territory of Kaliningrad say they are worried at reports that Moscow has put nuclear-capable missiles there. Lithuania and Poland both issued statements of concern. Russia has not confirmed the...
  17. Venom

    Angola bans Islam and shuts down all mosques

    Angola bans Islam and shuts down all mosques across the country because it 'clashes with state religion of Christianity' Minister of culture described Islam as a 'sect' which is banned as counter to Angolan customs and culture Nation's president said: ‘This is the final end of...
  18. Venom

    US energy revolution will end old Opec regime

    Soon the Saudis will be dumped by the Americans US energy revolution will end old Opec regime Wednesday marks the 40th anniversary of the Arab oil embargo, a turning point for US energy security policy. The embargo was imposed by the Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting...
  19. Venom

    Israeli -GCC alliance against Iran

    Israel and Saudi Arabia are coordinating policies to counter US détente with Iran Associates of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu Wednesday, Oct. 2, leaked word to the media that high-ranking Gulf emirate officials had recently visited Israel, signaling a further widening in the rift between...
  20. Venom

    Sitrida to divorce Samir Geagea

    «طلاق» كنسي وتنظيمي ومالي سمير وســتريدا: وداعاً أيّها الحب لم يفوّت رئيس حزب القوات اللبنانية سمير جعجع منذ انطلاقته السياسية فرصة للقول إن ما جمعه الله يفرّقه إنسان؛ ليس أي إنسان، بل هو شخصياً. لم يبق في القوات اللبنانية إلا سمير وستريدا جعجع، لكن يبدو أن هذا الثنائي يتجه أيضاً إلى...