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  1. epedep

    New documentary on LGBT life in Syrua

    This apparently extremely well-made documentary from Dynamic Production is titled الجنس الثالث: حبُ ولد في جحيم or in English, The Third Gender: Love was Made in Hell I suggest you watch it and put on subtitles
  2. epedep

    Remembering the poet A7med Fu2aad Nagm

    Ahmad Fuaad Negm (أحمد فؤاد نجم ) was a progressive Egyptian poet who died this month six years ago, and was jailed for 18 years during the late 20th century for criticizing the regimes of Nasser, Sadat and Mubarak. His poetry was oft recited by the people of Egypt during their 2011 revolution...
  3. epedep

    Finally they made the map

    A couple weeks ago some guy uploaded a frontline map of virtually the whole Lebanese Civil War
  4. epedep

    Which Muslim country will become safe for LGBT first?

    As far as I thought about it, there has been an inevitable pro-LGBT and other liberal momentum in all Islamic countries except Yemen. Even the Gulf, Sahel and Caspian countries are affected by this momentum. Now the question is, which Islamic nation will be first to become reasonably safe for...
  5. epedep

    Hayat Tahrir al Sham caught shooting live rounds at protesters in Idlib

    Just around a few hours ago, Assad/Jolani's Hayat Tahrir al Sham mercenaries shot at protesters in border areas of Idlib with live AK-47 rounds.
  6. epedep

    Cursed Images Thread

    This will be a thread for images known as "cursed". These images often cause confusion due to either poor quality or abnormal or illogical elements. GIVE THEM
  7. epedep

    New Map of Lebanon (unsure which forum in Oroom to put it in so I'm putting it in The Lounge)

    I have just created this map, based on the distance a municipality is from an international border. Black is closest, light pink is the farthest.
  8. epedep

    Help with translation and romanization

    So, I stumbled across a very good Yemeni song called "نشيد القوات المسلحة الجنوبي" and I want it to be simplified for my American ears and eyes. This is the video I speak of, a commenter already posted a misspelled version of the lyrics. (Comment starts with "أنا مارد الثورة الظافره", go from...