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  1. Jo

    Please post a screenshot of the forum homepage

    Hey Guys, I need a favor from you. I am just trying to figure out how to fix the forum's homepage. Can you post a screenshot of how the homepage looks like on your phone and desktop? (but mainly on your phone). If you use the mobile app, please post a screenshot of it also. Thanks Joe
  2. Jo

    What is the most reliable news source we have in Lebanon?

    We always post news on the forum - Some come from a reliable source, others (if not most) don't. Let's use this thread which will be stickied to give credibility for the good news source and discredit others. Everyone will be able to change its vote with time, this will be very useful...
  3. Jo

    Announcements New dark theme introduction

    For all my sinner & dark members out there, the Orange Room introduces: Black is the new Orange. You can switch themes by going to the bottom of the page and changing from Default to Orange Room Black. Or you can switch directly from here: . Click here for the default theme . Click here for...
  4. Jo

    Announcements Orange Room Elections update

    Hello Guys, In the past 2 weeks, the Orange Room was witnessing its yearly elections. This year, we received very good participation with some members having a genuine aim towards making this second home for many, a better place and I really appreciated that. However, with the increased...
  5. Jo

    Nadine Labaki: Lets turn Beirut into the most festive city in the world this Christmas

    This part starts at 16:00 --- Regardless of this speech - Anyone has any idea on how to do this?
  6. Jo

    Orange Room Elections 2019 Round 2: Vote for your final 4 moderators

    Following our exciting, hot & steamy round 1 of votes - Round 2 is officially launched. Hard luck for all the members who couldn't pass round 1, especially ka2ed @AtheistForJesus who mounted one hell of a campaign. May the best win. Your final candidates are : @The_FPMer ->...
  7. Jo

    Announcements Remember the Human behind the screen

    With the recent developments in Lebanon and in the forum that has led to raised tensions and heated discussions in the various political/election threads, the Oroom staff team thought it would be good to remind the forum members of the Forum Rules that were developed to ensure quality...
  8. Jo

    Orange Room Elections 2019 Round 1: Vote for your 6 potential moderators

    Voting is now live. Thank you for the current moderators for always staying online during a very tough year. Thank you also @Muki, in spite of everything - you acted wisely. May the best win. Your candidates are : @The_FPMer ->...
  9. Jo

    How old are you?

    So I think it would be fun to see what is our average age here. . In 2005 --> https://www.oroom.org/forum/threads/how-old-are-you.3364/ . In 2009 --> https://www.oroom.org/forum/threads/how-old-are-you.39591/ . In 2013 --> https://www.oroom.org/forum/threads/how-old-are-you.47090/ Of course...
  10. Jo

    Help Fundraising Campaign - Donation Request

    Hello Guys, This year will mark the Orange Room's 15 years anniversary. For most of those years, this forum has been self-funded with the help of its moderators, ORS & donors. My goal this year is to try and reach around USD 1,000 - This will help to pay part of the: Server cost Licenses...
  11. Jo

    Orange Room Elections 2019 The Orange Room elections 2019 announcement thread

    Greetings & salutations, I didn't want to do this among all the bickering, hate & general unrest going on the forum, but it seems things will not rest any time soon. So, here it goes, the Orange Room again is electing its moderators. Thank you for the old moderators and for the upcoming ones...
  12. Jo

    What do you think of giving Palestinians the nationality vs 100B USD?

    It seems, it is being officially suggested by the EU.
  13. Jo

    HA targets(and misses) a new حوامة above Nabatieh

    According to latest news about the explosion in Nabatieh area, what I can confirm until now an unknown object was downed by a missile launched from Arab-Salim - Jabal Safi, area.
  14. Jo

    [Breaking: HA downs ANOTHER Israeli drone] Did Hezbollah just shoot down 2 Israeli drones?

    Hezbollah official: Israeli drone fell in south Beirut suburbs, second drone exploded [...] More: Hezbollah official: Israeli drone fell in south Beirut suburbs,...
  15. Jo

    Saudi Arabia and the UAE to invest in 23 projects in Lebanon worth 11B USD

    Saudi Arabia in talks to sign 23 investment deals in Lebanon Lebanese government is aiming to raise $11 billion in loans and grants to boost its reserves. Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are looking to invest in up to 23 infrastructure projects in Lebanon, Lebanese Prime Minister...
  16. Jo

    MEA crew delivers a woman on board flight ME435 Doha-Beirut

    BREAKING NEWS: Middle East Airlines - Air Liban ME435 Doha-Beirut on the 27th diverted to Kuwait after a passenger onboard gave birth to a baby girl slightly after entering the Iraqi Airspace. The professional and well trained crew delivered the women according to procedures and took good care...
  17. Jo

    Palestinian camps and surrounding blaze with anger as Lebanon tightens its labour permits rule

    Video of security forces reacting over Palestinians protests as things start getting out of hand
  18. Jo

    Turkey Hundred of Turkish destroy Syrian owned shops in Istambul

    Things are getting heated everywhere in the region.
  19. Jo

    Lebanese workers beaten violently in Kazakhstan because of a picture

    بالصور - الاعتداء على عمّال لبنانيين في كازاخستان بسبب صورة.. وأقاربهم يناشدون وزارة الخارجية لحمايتهم! تهجّم عمّال كازاخستانيون على مشروع يعمل فيه عمّال عرب بينهم لبينانيون بسبب نشر أحدهم صورة على مواقع التواصل الاجتماعي، اعتُبرت مسيئة بحق البلد. وفي التفاصيل، نشر الشاب اللبناني إيلي داوود...