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    Fifty Shades

    So what is this hype actually about the Fifty Shades Trilogy? Millions of women all around the world going crazy over it!! In all stores they are completely or partly sold out, lot of talking, publicity and gossips about the upcoming movie details... I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw one of...
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    Anything about coffee here... What is your favourite coffee type? Do you add any flavours? Share with us any coffee drinking habits :) Who likes it decorated? 25N1XcwL2hw
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    It's baking time!

    Do you like to bake? Do you have a favourite recipe which you would like to share? Currently I am looking for the "perfect" macaron recipe. As we know macarons are very tricky to bake, they are simple and complicated at the same time. Starting with the ingredients, there are so many recipe...
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    The cult of less or nomads of the digital age

    Is it possible to own nothing? Well, maybe not nothing. Nothing is a little extreme. But is it possible to own close to the nothing? I hope to have the answer to that question soon. Inspired by a book or two, I’ve decided to try to see if I can rid my life of most of the clutter. The goal...
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    Retro fashion

    Retro is in fashion in clothing and accessories for a couple of years now and this trend is seemingly just increasing and involves ever more previous fashion eras. Sometimes the styles are just being reinterpreted but also often taken in its original form like back in our grandma's days...as is...
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    Working with other nationalities

    Probably in every stereotype there is some truth and will be true for a great amount of people. This thread is mainly for those who work in an international environment...please share your experiences/difficulties on working with other nationalities: - either as having them as your...
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    Best countries - according to UN HDI

    According to the ranking of UN, "Norway is the best place to live, based on the human development index published by the U.N. Development Program. The index combines individual economic prosperity with education levels and life expectancy." 1. Norway 2. Australia 3. New Zealand 4. USA 5...
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    3D TVs / Movies

    In the cinemas lately almost all movies are made also in 3D....and now we have the 3D TV also in the shops. What is your opinion about the 3D technology? Do you prefer watching movies in 3D? Would you buy a 3D TV? How well developed is this technology? After checking a 3D TV I didn't...
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    Ahmadinejad's upcoming visit to Lebanon

    Yesterday it was announced that Ahmedinejad is planning to visit Lebanon in October. What is behind the visit? What will he discuss with Hariri? Will it be really just about tighter economic cooperation or there are other political motives in the background?
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    A picture worth a thousand words

    you can post images which talk for themselves, anything related to political, social, economic issues... A fraction of the tragedy...anybody pays attention? source: Reuters
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    Dream Vacation

    What is your idea of a dream vacation? Have you already been to rare destinations, exotic places and /or something out of the ordinary? I would be interested to hear your suggestions and experiences with any such locations....especially taking into consideration weather, safety, local...
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    Forbes: World's Best Places to Live

    Forbes has published the new top 10 ranking of the best cities in the world to live: World's 10 Best Places to Live - Forbes.com 1. Vienna 2. Zürich 3. Geneva 4. Auckland 5. Vancouver 6. Düsseldorf 7. Munich 8. Frankfurt 9. Bern 10. Sydney /anybody has a link to the full list?/...
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    Hariri and secularism

    The PM ought to present a good example for the people on secularism, eventually take the lead and the first steps for implementing it. What is Hariri doing in this matter? Is he planning to re-structure his party and create a non-feudal, non-sectarian modern party instead? Is Hariri...
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    Clash of values?

    I would like to quote a post from another thread as a starting point for this topic. It gives me always hope to see such comments as well and not just anti-west propaganda sometimes equalling to wahhabi standards. You pointed out in your post another view of values which are rather...
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    Looking for a Decent Hotel

    Hotels in Beirut? Do you know about good and affordable hotels in Beirut? It should be central location, clean and fitting for a student's budget...
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    Biological tick tock

    This thread is mainly for the ladies... Most of us are probably still in our 20s so maybe there is enough time to think about family and children....however have you thought about this issue already seriously? Do you have in mind a preferred age when you would like to have children? Surely...
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    Pros and Cons of Facebook

    This post made me ponder further on the pros and cons of using facebook. I have just discovered lately that in fact however I set the privacy as infos accessible only to my friends....in the end unrelated persons will have access to my data as well. Just take the example of tagging and...
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    We are being fed with BS

    It is ever more annoying how the food and beverage producer companies are fooling the people with their advertisements. Trendy is now to adevrtise their products as healthy and bio/organic....however in fact they contain as much as chemicals and sugar as any other unhealthy category food...
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    Can we sustain a growing world population?

    In 2009 the world population was an estimated 6,800,000,000. This is a horrible huge number and to imagine and it keeps growing....if this trend continues in less than 50 years this number will near the 9 billion. Knowing that in parallel the worlds' resources are ever fewer how would it...
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    The World of Harry Potter

    Harry Potter fans....did you know something awsome is being prepared in Orlando, Florida? This srping opens the Harry Potter Theme Park in Universal Orlando featuring the most important locations of the movie, such as the castle, hogsmeade, owlery, olivanders shop, three broomsticks, zonkos...