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    Inside Navy Strategies
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    Corruption ~ Articles & Documentaries Only

    The BND File Shipping Companies and the Arms Business
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    Ultimate Vehicles
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    Health documentaries

    The Miracle of Hearing
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    Health documentaries

    How Exactly Is the Human Brain Organized?
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    Health documentaries

    How Does Your Body Process Pain?
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    Space & Science discoveries

    What Evidence Do We Have for Life on Mars?
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    Psychology ~ articles & documentaries only

    How Do You Measure Happiness?
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    Islamophobia & anti-Semitism

    Young, German and Jewish | DW Documentary
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    Living under Iran Mullahs

    Iran does have a very controversial record, but reading google results on her phone reveals how shallow and superficial her "research" is . She acted as if having coffee conversation with her friend, disrespecting her guest by using him to express her dislike to the Iranian regime towards...
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    Philosophy ~ Articles & Documentaries Only

    Strategy: A History | Lawrence Freedman | Talks at Google
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    The Unknown North Korea.

    كوريا الشمالية - رجال كيم | وثائقية دي دبليو
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    Art & Literary Quotes

    ولا معنى هنا لدخولكَ العبثيِّ في أسطورةٍ تركتْ جيوشاً للرُّكام [...] ،هناكَ لكلِّ جيشٍ شاعرٌ ومؤرِّخٌ ورَبابَةٌ للراقصاتِ الساخراتِ من البدايةِ والختام محمود درويش ~
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    Power & Symphonic Metal

    Blind Guardian ~ The Bard's Song Now you all know The bards and their songs When hours have gone by I'll close my eyes In a world far away We may meet again But now hear my song About the dawn of the night Let's sing the bards' song Tomorrow will take us away Far from home No one will...
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    Power & Symphonic Metal

    Van Canto ~ Last Night of the Kings The castle is lit with candles and torches The carriages of the nobles arrive in front The smell of splendour and decadence And nobody can foresee The masters and the mistresses are walking into the hall They are smiling and laughing and showing that they...
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    Health documentaries

    How to get a good night's sleep | DW Documentary
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    Lokman Slim found dead in his car

    @elAshtar Since you found my post, about twitter and other social media platforms being banned in Iran, laughable; this should mean you are aware of other facts. Can you clarify the following. Iran Main article: Internet censorship in Iran In 2009, during 2009 Iranian presidential election...