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  1. Savo

    The geopolitics of Lebanon

    lets scientifically analyze based on history , Geography the lebanese geopolitics trying to understand deeply the lebanese politics from a geopolitical points of view and assuming lebanon has an active geopolitical role ( unlike the reality about lebanon passive role)
  2. Savo

    Lebanese linguistic thread

    I am the among last people Who should write about arabic language . Since My spoken arabic Is bad . But i happen to do school in lebanon; and at time all scientific materials were taught io in french .. math ; physique ; chimie etc . Lebanon spoken arabic Is bad in itself .. they promote the...
  3. Savo

    Street food tips

    share your best photoes and videos about street food
  4. Savo

    Rebirth of Lebanon : A road map

    lets assume that a normal political leadership took the power in lebanon .. after defining the term normal from a political , socio economical and ideological stand point ,.. what should be done to make Lebanon great again ... where do we need to start.. i can give some hints ...