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  1. loubnaniTO

    Another school shooting in the US (Texas)

    MUTLIPLE FATALITIES AT HIGH SCHOOL SHOOTING IN TEXAS Sheriff confirms "multiple casualties" in Texas school shooting
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    تكتل "لبنان القوي" - The Strong Lebanon Bloc - expectations & discussion

    FPM and allies have secured the largest parliamentary bloc in the 2018 elections, with 29 MPs (that's 22.65% of MPs). This is a significant bloc that can push for reforms and development, in line with FPM's stated objectives. FPM is now in a very strong political position: - PRESIDENCY: FPM...
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    News Trump: US recognizes Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, will move embassy

    US President Donald Trump's expected decision to recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital is meeting with a wave of disapproval - even before he formally makes the announcement حرق صور ترمب ومسيرات في يوم غضب بفلسطين تشهد الأراضي الفلسطينية يوم غضب دعت له الفصائل للتنديد بقرار الرئيس الأميركي...
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    BREAKING NEWS: Major Arrests in Saudi Arabia

    elnashra اعتقال الوليد بن طلال والتويجري ووليد الإبراهيم وعدد من الامراء
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    Are you with the death penalty in Lebanon?

    Following the barbaric killing of the young Roy Harmouch, there were several campaigns calling for PMA to support the death penalty in Lebanon. Are you with or against the death penalty? and why?
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    Death on Lebanese streets, while politicians are busy bickering

    When will the random killing of innocent Lebanese going to end!?!?! If not by guns that are available to everyone, it is by crazy drivers putting their own lives and the lives of everyone around them at risk. This kid was shot to death this morning.. he was not armed, he is not a thug, he is...
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    President Michel Aoun: achievements and challenges

    This is not to be construed as a "propaganda" thread for PMA. Let's use this as a space to post PMA's achievements, as well as challenges. Members should be open to seeing criticism where warranted. Let's please keep the posts and discussions civilized. Thanks.
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    First Government formation under President Aoun - updates and discussions

    الرئيس عون سيدعو الى استشارات نيابية لتسمية رئيس الحكومة بعد غد الأربعاء
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    Message Board for the New President

    Now that General Aoun is the only candidate left, it is almost certain now that General Aoun will be the new President on Oct 31, 2016. Many members here have been waiting for years (or decades) for this, and over the years, the dreams accumulated and the aspirations multiplied. For many...
  10. loubnaniTO

    How to abolish the sectarian system in Lebanon

    while article 95 is probably the best thing in the constitution, i don't think it is enough to change old habits... taking away the religious ID of politicians will not help, unless our politicians and their SUPPORTERs stop thinking and behaving religiously. Saying anyone could be president or...
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    The controversy around the Lebanese حماة الديار

    So now suddenly everyone is talking about حماة الديار Who are they? are they supported by HA? or the Army? and why are several politicians (mostly FM and from the North) opposing it so vehemently?
  12. loubnaniTO

    National Dialogue - Marathon Sessions August 2, 2016

    زوار بري نقلا عنه لـ"الجمهورية": إمكانية توصّل الخلوة الحوارية الى اتفاق على حلول والتي ستبدأ غداً في عين التينة هي من صفر في المئة الى مئة في المئة "الجمهورية": كتلة المستقبل ستعقد اجتماعاً استثنائياً اليوم لتنسيق المواقف عشيّة الخلوات الحوارية وعرض تطورات الساعة الاخبار عن الحريري لبري...
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    Saudi Asharq el Awsat newspaper insulting Lebanon

    Discuss! Caricature published in the Saudi-owned Asharq al-Awsat newspaper “April Fools… the Lebanese state”
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    The issue of settling Syrian Refugees in Lebanon - truth or myth?

    So we have been hearing the whole debate and arguments and counter-arguments about the issue of settling Syrian refugees in Lebanon. Gebran Bassil basically boycotted the UN Secretary General's visit, and followed it by a press conference accusing the international community of conspiring to...
  15. loubnaniTO

    Is Beirut International Airport Unsafe for Traveling?

    زعيتر للنشرة: الوضع في مطار بيروت ليس بالخطورة التي تمّ الحديث عنها الأربعاء 13 كانون الثاني 2016 آخر تحديث 12:06 أعلن وزير النقل والأشغال العامة غازي زعيتر، في حديث لـ"النشرة"، أن الوضع في مطار بيروت الدولي ليس بالخطورة التي تم الحديث عنها في وسائل الإعلام، مطمئناً المواطنين إلى هذه الناحية...
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    Escalation in South Lebanon - Jan 2016

    اعلام اسرائيل: إنفجار قرب قوة إسرائيلية كانت بمزارع شبعا ولا إصابات العربية:مصادر إسرائيلية تتحدث عن محاولة خطف جنود بمزارع شبعا والوزاني
  17. loubnaniTO

    BN - Explosion in Bourj El Brajne

    النشرة: سماع دوي انفجارين في منطقة برج البراجنة في الضاحية الجنوبية
  18. loubnaniTO

    Al-Mayadeen under pressure

    بن جدو: لن نقف مكتوفي الأيدي أمام أي ترهيب أو تهديد لنا تعقد قناة الميادين مؤتمرا ً صحافياً حول قضية وقف بثها على قمر عرب سات، وذلك عند الساعة الواحدة والنصف من بعد ظهر غد الجمعة السادس من تشرين الثاني/ نوفمبر في صالة فندق الكورال بيتش، بئر حسن - الجناح. ويأتي هذا المؤتمر لشرح موقف الميادين من...
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    The Orange Room - Forum Rules v.3

    In order to become a registered member of The Orange Room, a user must first read, understand, and agree with all the terms of this AGREEMENT. By participating in the discussions, you agree to adhere to the forum's rules. Opinions expressed on The Orange Room - by any member or staff - are...
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    War in Syria - religious/sectarian angle

    This is a thread to discuss any religious or sectarian angle of the Syrian War. Is it a war between the Chiaa axis and the Sunni axis? is it now a war between The Christian/Orthodox axis vs. the Sunni/Muslim axis? is the WORLD facing a religious/sectarian conflict as a result of the Syrian...