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  1. mickey117

    The Orthodox law - the pros & cons

    Article 9 de la constitution libanaise La liberté de conscience est absolue. En rendant hommage au Très-Haut, l'Etat respecte toutes les confessions et en garantit et protège le libre exercice à condition qu'il ne soit pas porté atteinte à l'ordre public. Il garantit également aux populations, à...
  2. mickey117

    Civil Marriage in Lebanon.. first step!

    Even though I'm atheist I wouldn't mind marrying religiously if that's what the wife wants, but of course I'd rather marry in a civil ceremony if possible. None of that seems very important to me as long as the relationship is encompassed with a certain set of rules in case of failure (specially...
  3. mickey117

    2013 General Elections

    I have a final tomorrow :frown: (and Monday and Wednesday)
  4. mickey117

    2013 General Elections

    Shouldn't they be home studying for their finals?
  5. mickey117

    Formation of a Lebanese Senate

    Yes, sorry about that I believe it should be 1 more shiite senator for Nabatieh. Your proposal is also a very logical one, but the constitution defines the senate as an institution that will uphold the rights of the various religious communities and regions, and that's the logic I followed in...
  6. mickey117

    Formation of a Lebanese Senate

    In the wake of all the debate around the electoral law, I thought it would be good to revive this 4 year old thread I once started. It is being said that the Orthodox law will apply one time and one time only, I am one of the most fervent supporters of this law and believe it is the necessary...
  7. mickey117

    2013 General Elections

    Our country's constitution is discriminatory and sectarian, so this law fits it like a glove.
  8. mickey117

    How old are you?

    I'm 20 now, but I joined the forum when I was only 14 :dil: Can't believe how time flies
  9. mickey117

    What's the most risky thing you've ever done?

    I've never been much of a risk-taker, I guess the biggest risk I've ever taken was cursing Bachir Gemayel and the entire Gemayel family in front of about 12 Kataeb students in Huvelin. But most of them were on a blacklist the administration had made for students risking expulsion at any minor...
  10. mickey117

    2013 General Elections

    By the way, I remember a few years ago (in 2008 maybe?) I posted here on the forum proposing the very same Law that is called the Orthodox Law today, and I remember a lot of people laughed at me back then :P Here's an article about the law I wrote a couple of months back for my school's law...
  11. mickey117

    2013 General Elections

    Perhaps, but Koura only has about 500 maronite voters so it doesn't really make for much. (However, it does show clearly that 3 Orthodox MPs are elected without having the majority of Orthodox voters in their districts and have to rely on an Sunni and Maronite votes)
  12. mickey117

    Students Elections 2012 There's practically no truth in any of the results claimed on this horrendous site. I got elected in 3rd year Law but we suffered an overall heavy defeat in our faculty, it was pretty much expected but it could have been worse...
  13. mickey117

    Top 10 Members in history of the forum

    I haven't been very active in the forum for the past 2 years (don't have much time since I've started majoring in Law) but here are a few names of whom I remember enjoying the posts: Dodzi Dalzi Dry Ice Erzallubnan Nayla TripoliSunni J_Raad Abou Sandal FBM
  14. mickey117

    Lebanon a failed state?

    Dividing this country into smaller ones will only make things worse; It's the other way around we should be looking, some form of pan-Levant state, but sadly that is currently impossible with the instability in Syria and Iraq.
  15. mickey117

    Michel Samaha arrested - [Sentenced for 13 years]

    Fer3 el ma3loomat is not within his jurisdiction, it's the Interior minister and the Prime minister you should be talking to.
  16. mickey117

    Michel Samaha arrested - [Sentenced for 13 years]

    The Justice minister can order the District Attorney or Attorney General to start an investigation or an inquiry, but he can't asked them to stop an investigation already started
  17. mickey117

    2013 General Elections

    [], in the best of laws proposed till this day, the christians can only elect 35% of the MPs, in the 2000 Law it was 25%! So PR is still a lot better then anything proposed to date. And the dawe2ir fardiye law is the most unfair there could possibly be (Check the system in the UK, you'll see...
  18. mickey117

    2013 General Elections

    Majority of those present, but I think everyone will be present for the passing of such a law.
  19. mickey117

    2013 General Elections

    Nayla Tueni Nadim Gemayel Michel Pharaon Jean Ogasappian Serge Tor Sarkissian Arthur Nazarian Sebouh Kalbakian Nohad el Machnouk Hani Kobeissy Saadeddine Hariri Imad el Hout Ammar Houri Mohamad Kobani Tamam Salam Ghazi el Aridi Ghazi Youssef Bassem el Chab Nabil...
  20. mickey117

    Koura by-elections 2012

    I hope SSNP crush the LFers to pieces. I've always felt the SSNP was the closest party to us as Marada, but I know many might not agree. I have a lot of respect for them.