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    How Do You Prepare To Face The Challenges In Life?

    There come many situations in life which we can classify as difficult. But being prepared to face the challenges is what it means to learn and grow. How do you make the best out of everything that life throws at you?
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    Is multiculturalism beneficial for Lebanon and its society/ies ?

    I don't think it is beneficial
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    Mid-career professional conversion

    Never thought of changing careers, I had some training but it is for additional knowledge for my career/profession.
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    2019 Coronavirus Disease "COVID-19" [Vaccinations Underway Worldwide]

    is there a report on how many people were already vaccinated?
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    Palm Sunday 2021

    Happy Easter!
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    The French Initiative

    that is so true!
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    Lebanon's Next President

    most probably Suleiman Frangieh
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    Springtime Is Just Around The Corner

    If you want tips on how to clean your house, check out this article 33 Easy Spring Cleaning Tips for a Sparkling Home
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    Tesla Motors
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    Places Pictures & Videos

    Amazing Norway! One of the places I would like to visit one day
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    The Unknown North Korea.

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    Springtime Is Just Around The Corner

    I also miss traveling, where would you go when everything is back to normal?
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    2019 Coronavirus Disease "COVID-19" [Vaccinations Underway Worldwide]

    What's with the new strains? Is this virus mutating? How long do we have to deal with this pandemic?
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    Terror watch.
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    Springtime Is Just Around The Corner

    Are you already in a springtime mood? There are a lot of things that I look forward to during Spring. Spring showers will soon wash away the snow and mud to reveal green grass, trees, and shrubs. Flowers will also start to bloom, adding more color to the scenery. I am also going to start Spring...
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    Which TV series are you currently following?

    Has anyone seen New Amsterdam on Netflix? It's really good, I highly recommend it
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    How to Choose your Passwords [Tips & Guidelines]

    I forget my passwords most of the time, is there an app where it's safe to store passwords?
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    Useless facts and unnecessary knowledge- Did you know that...

    We used to think that dinosaurs were giant lizard-like creatures that roamed the earth, but it’s now widely accepted that dinosaurs have more in common with present-day birds than they do with oversized reptiles. A research confirmed that the Tyrannosaurus rex shared more of its genetic makeup...
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    Entertainment News