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    2019 Coronavirus Disease "COVID-19" [Vaccinations Underway Worldwide]
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    Live International News
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    Financially helping family members

    There is nothing wrong with sending financial help to your parents, it is somehow our responsibility to make sure they are well taken care of and they have everything that they need. But with your brother, I'm sure he is capable of earning his own. And your aunt, her children should be...
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    Need help addressing a recent noise nuisance problem

    Maybe you could talk to the owner and tell them about your concern.
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    The Connection Of Covid19 On Mental Health and Substance Abuse

    I worry about myself, family, and friends, there’s this feeling of fear of becoming infected with the COVID-19 virus. Physical activity and relaxation techniques are my most valuable tools to help myself remain calm and continue to protect my health during this time. Proper nutrition and...
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    New Research proves the earth is flat

    In the past 60 years of space exploration, we’ve launched satellites, probes, and people into space. Some of them got back, some of them still float through the solar system, and many transmit amazing images to our receivers on Earth. In all of these photos, the Earth is spherical.
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    Discover Lebanon

    Nice video
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    USA Violence and Civil Unrest in America [Breaking: Bombing in Nashville]
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    Street food tips

    Korea has awesome street foods.
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    The post-COVID19 world - what will the "new normal" look like?

    everything is uncertain especially that the virus is mutating
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    In my opinion, environment plays a larger role in influencing your behavior
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    How to Choose your Passwords [Tips & Guidelines]

    yes there are password managers that you can use like Lastpass and Keeper
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    Which TV series are you currently following?

    The Crown, New Amsterdam and The Serpent